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In the end, after suffering to 8 hours, we decided to wake Verkinu grandmother.
He immediately went down, looked at me pale and frightened, asked where it hurts, right or left.
On the left it hurt, as it seemed to me, more, to which she authoritatively declared that if not on the right, then definitely not appendicitis, she gave a pill to drink a no-shpa and advised me to lie quietly, but rather try to sleep.
The pain really lessened, and we fell asleep again.
Woke up around 11 from the sound of the door being opened – Slava arrived.

Verka, remembering the embarrassment that had happened the day before, preferred to quickly sneak home.
But after 10 minutes, her grandmother came and talked about something with Slava, the front door slammed again.
I lay, afraid to move and constantly listening to my stomach.

A minute later, Slava came in, took a chair, sat down next to the sofa.
– Hello! – Hi, why don’t you get up? – I’ll get up now.
– For some reason, it was embarrassing to look at him.
– Antonina Petrovna came in, said, it was bad for you in the morning.
What happened? – Nothing, so simple, stomach ache.
She gave me a pill.
– passed? “I don’t know,” I said carefully, “doesn’t seem to hurt.”
– Well, well, come on then, get up, come for breakfast.
In the bathroom, the belly again began to treacherously smack.
When I went to the kitchen, the view probably had a rather pale and frightened, because Slava, putting the knife aside and moving the butter dish to the side, looking at me directly, asked only one thing: – Does it hurt?
The hot days of this summer I spent with my friends in a gazebo overgrown with wild grapes and hidden in greenery from prying eyes.

Since in the summer all my friends from our yard parted around grandmothers and camps, my friends were three boys this time: Zhenya was 11 years old thin little shustryak, Gena is my age and 13 years old as Sasha for me and Sasha are a year older.
We played cards from morning till night, fool, poker, bridge, onlookers. We only went out when our parents called us to eat or in extreme cases if there was any good movie on TV.
But I began to notice that the guys began to eat something out of debt, if earlier they had eaten for about ten minutes, now I came first and waited twenty minutes for them, they began to come together and to my questions why they were so long, they muttered something intelligible.
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