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He really made me his slave son: he demanded that I call him father or dad, he called me son.
And I really liked it.
Almost every weekend I went to him, where he arranged for me sessions of depraved sex.
Often, I just sucked him almost an hour – at this time he caught the buzz, caressed his nipples and actively commented on my actions.
– So, pidorok, yes.

take it deeper, take it deeper.
I have a small dick, so do not choke.
Yeah, well done son lick eggs.
Oh, how fuck.
Sometimes his heavy hand, covered with thick hair, fell on my head and set the pace.
– Try better cock, clever.
Dad loves when his son sucks cock, like that, yes.
His moans, praises and insults sounded like music for me – I was already fooled by the fact that I became a slave for a man who is twice my age.
That my mouth serves for him only a hole for sperm descent.
He always tried to cum in me – in the point or in the mouth.
And even this he did with fantasy.
Occasionally he would snatch himself in his hand and let me lick her carefully — he himself sat on the bed, and I was in front of him, on the floor.
– Here, on, rooster, – he stretched his hand to me with a thick seed, – lick it out, make me happy.

I carefully licked his palm, deserving praise.
“What a good puppy I have, educated, obedient,” the father laughed.
And I looked up at his humble glance, smiled and began to lick his feet, causing his penis to rise again.
The legs I licked are always clean, of course.
Oleg loved when I sucked every finger of his, and then gradually rose and began to suck his dick, already exhausted from desire.
After my legs, it was much easier to bring daddy to orgasm – he growled wildly and let a thick portion of semen into my mouth, which I swallowed.
Without fucking in the ass, too, did not do – thickly smearing my point with lubricant, my father put me on all fours and fucked like a female.
– Like, and bitch? When the folder dick inserts your point? – He was breathing heavily in my ear, and his cock was pushing my point like a piston and penetrated quite deeply, despite its small size.
“Dad,” I whimpered, “don’t, please, I’m your son, don’t, that’s wrong.”
– Oh, bitch, everything is necessary.
Fuck me, you bitch, so fucked up that you do not get off the folder dick.

Fagot, fuck, raised on his head.
We need to show you to your friends, let them use your holes.
Want this, huh? – he drove his dick into me.
– No, father, do not! – I begged him.
– I will do everything that you command, just do not give it to friends.
– That’s the same, rooster, and do not try to contradict me anymore.
“Wrong” fuck.
If I fuck you, I finish you in the mouth – it means, correctly.
Who, except the father can teach his son to fuck? – and, rather laughing, Oleg continued to fuck me.
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