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I really loved her taste, and realized that every bit of it should still be earned.
I learned to competently lick the testicles, and sometimes I even tried to get my tongue to the priests, but Sasha did not like it.
Once, it was a day off, my parents left for the garden, and without loss, I immediately called Sasha.
He agreed to come, but not earlier than in an hour.
I decided to spend this time on preparation – to arrange a surprise for him.

I got my mother’s skirt, put it on her bare ass.
From such a surprise, it was very nice – my little pisyun bristled the hem of the skirt, and I had to stop to jerk off a little.
Then I made up my lips so that there were traces of lipstick on Sashkin’s pussy, as if a girl had sucked him.
There was also an idea to give in the ass (Sasha persuaded me for a long time, but I still wanted to make it happen to something), but after inserting a thick felt-tip pen into my anus, I realized that it was better not to risk without preparation.

But with a felt-tip pen, let him play – and it is pleasant, and will start the development of my hole.
I sat down in front of the mirror and, with thoughts about the positions in which my friend could be sucked, I waited.
The intercom rang.
I picked up the phone, knowing that it was Sasha, pressed the button, but by the time I squeaked a magnetic lock, I heard that Sasha was talking to someone.
In a panic, I pulled off my skirt;
There was a knock at the front door, laughter was heard behind it.
Already fastening my fly, I ran up and opened.
On the threshold stood our mutual friend Dima, followed by Alexander himself.
Both smiled, walked into the hallway.
Zdarova, Tosh.
Do they say relatives in the garden fucked? – Dima said, already taking off his shoes.
At the same time, they both giggled suspiciously.
There is such a thing.
– thinking that there is nowhere to go, I mentally said goodbye to the premonition of Sasha’s penis on his lips.
The guys went into the hall, sat down on the sofa and fell silent.

Can seagull ?.
Come on.
I sadly wandered into the kitchen, glancing in the mirror on the way, if there were any traces of lipstick left.
Sasha followed me.
Hey, Toch.
I’m sorry I did not warn you.
– He said in a half whisper.
“But you will suck both of us on Sedna.”
– I rounded my eyes.
– What are you ?! Dimas is your friend, just like me.
Che are sorry ?! I told him how you suck cool.
He agreed.
And he has a big member, as you like.
– Then Dima himself joined us.
Toh, take in my mouth? We’re always the three of us hanging out.
I finally can not know that you did not immediately tell me.
Okay, guys.
Two pussy at once is even more fun.
No one else! – from the thought of two fucks at the same time I felt sweet in the tummy.
Do not break, because I want it.
– go undress, I will put tea right now.
Yes, what tea! Come on, damn it! – He and Sanya took me back to the hall.
Along the way, squeezed my ass.
I lowered my pants so that it would be more pleasant for them.
– Well done.

Take them off and t-shirt too.
I undressed, they are comfortably seated on the couch.
I will not give you in the ass, but can I insert something smaller into it, if not difficult.
– I was embarrassed, standing in front of them completely naked and half-playing with his pipiskoy, trying to hide it from their eyes.
I quickly brought that felt-tip pen from my room, and gave it to Sasha, because I trusted him more.
He bent down and spreading his buttocks, framed his crotch.
Sanya gently inserted my improvised cork all the way, moved her inside, then ran his hand over my ass for the last time and finally began to take off his pants.
Dima followed his example.
I went down on all fours, asked them to network closer to each other and began to take his own.
Alternately sucking their members, I still decided to thoroughly try out a new taste for me, Dimty.
They sat blissfully, and looked at what I was doing.
Dimka’s cock really turned out to be big, with a plump head and neat testicles.

To suck it was only joy.
Am I sucking well? – for a minute I took out Dimkin’s penis from my mouth, began to drive my cheeks, stroked my nose.
Cool, Tosh.
You are a born hawker.
– I was embarrassed.
Thank you, Dima.
– I went over to Sasha.
Soon the guys were puffed up, and in turn, first Sanya, then Dima, finished my mouth.
ABOUT! Do you swallow everything? Cool.
– Dima said, podrachivaya calming member.
I love cum.
The guys got a little breath.
They asked me not to dress, I dutifully nodded and went to put tea.
After ten minutes, I had to suck on their balcony.
It seems to be more convenient there – he turned his head, that’s all.
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