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She, of course, repeatedly appeared during the day before the master, handing him kvass.
But, at the same time, every time she risked getting to the soldier under the whip, Alexander Pavlovich would not like kvass.
Among the many stories of Alexander Pavlovich, the old-timers long remembered the one-door case of Masha Bednago.
The ancient noble family of Bednago once possessed large estates and, even, was entered in the Velvet Book.
But Masha’s father, having squandered all movable and immovable property into cards, shot himself and left his daughter in poverty.

For this reason, Masha did not finish the boarding house, however, having come out of it before the deadline, she tolerated French and played the pianos.
Now Masha and her elderly aunt owned five souls of the serfs at twenty tithes of land, which they rented.
Their economy, the current economist would call natural.
Income barely enough to pay taxes.
In our Tambov province, many single homesteads ate and dressed much worse than the courtyards of Mr. Irtenyev.
Such petty-noblemen were troubled, often became accustomed to the wealthy landowners, but they did not go to the service — because of their unsuitability for it or because of laziness, God knows.
In the summertime, on the table, Masha and her aunt had wild berries, mushrooms, vegetables from her own vegetable garden and apples.
For most of the year, they ate lean porridge and turei of bread, radish, and kvass.
Thus, the food was the most peasant.
But Masha did not consume onions and garlic, in any form, because they behave badly (there was a smell after them).
Equally peasant were their robes.
The aunt went in winter and summer in the saloon, and instead of crinolines, Masha wore quite a peasant sundress without any underwear, which is now called underwear. Webcam hot chat.