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So, kneel down Zhenya, do not be afraid, Dmitry told me and open your delicate mouth.
I did not want this, but the men undressed and started nadrachivat their members, and Katya sat in a chair took off her panties and began to caress her pussy.
I took off my dress and knelt down because I understood that now my life is changing, that I am becoming a hoy-eyed Zhenya.
In the pope was nice.
On the soul too.

And when I was building a steep one, ”Katya said,“ and now she sucks two males and sucks like a real female.
Oh, have a look: she is without vegetation, oh yes, smarty, everything is gentle and with the fence, Katya said laughing.
I no longer listened to her, I was happy to suck the members, I didn’t care anymore because I wanted to have sex with them.

Katya came up and gave me a sniff of a bottle of liquid – poppers.
And let me periodically sniff it.
I flew away, everything is in the past, I want to give myself to the peasants, to suck, to feel that I am a woman with them.
I jerked off one, sucked another and caressed my hole.
It was not me at all, it was a heifer who did not want to be a boy again.
And now fuck as he fucked me in the ass, – the former gently laughed.
They turned me on cancer, stroked my ass.
Kate put her finger in my ass, then a few, while it laughed, and then Katin boy began to fuck me gently but deeply, I sucked the second, then they finished me.
Then they fucked Kate, and I licked cum.
Katya occasionally fotkal me, laughed.
Called the girl.
I lay on one man and fucked me another.
Kaif did not go away and then I was convulsed, I did not understand what was coming.

Everyone watched me twitch and continued to fuck.
Former first congratulated me and said: Well, now you are a chick !!! Then she said that they would piss me off and make a tattoo of a whore like a rose on a priest and asked me to say that I was Christina, and I want to go to see Katya’s father in Yerevan for a couple of years of life as a wife.
I said all this, and in the morning I watched the recording already at home.
I felt that I didn’t want it that way, but as I’m introducing me, they would fuck me like a chick and that I myself am a chick, I’m getting excited and not controlling myself.
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