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Little by little in front of our mental gazes, pictures of our recent past arose.
At the interruption of each other, we hurried to tell as much as possible about ourselves and learn as much as possible about the other.
“And what we did, dear Ellie, it doesn’t mean anything at all,” I soothed her and myself at that moment when she suddenly thought about it, and mysteriously looked at me, flushed, as if remembering something.
– You think? – Of course! Moreover, we did not know and there is not any guilt here and there can not be.
Remember in the bible?

I hesitated, forgetting who, exactly according to the Bible, copulates with my sister.
– Yes, but in the Bible.
and besides, it also says that God punished them for this sin.
– Yes, but they had children! – I found.
– And you think that we have.
– she bit her lips, but smiled slyly.
– Oh, Ellie.
I love you so much! I grabbed her hand and kissed her warmly.
– And I do not regret anything! – I added.
– Richard!

What are you saying! Now stop it! When Red came, he found us in a lively, friendly conversation, and we met him as the best old friend.
I returned home calm and contented, with restored emotional balance.
Falling asleep, I already recalled with pleasure the details of intimate intimacy with Ellie and, along with some jealousy of Red, I felt a strong erection of a member, which for a long time prevented me from falling asleep.
A few days have passed.
And so Ellie and Red leave for America, to Philadelphia.
I decided to give Ellie all my notes so that she would keep them for me, read them carefully and understand why I stay in Japan, why I take such a decisive step in life.
Ellie should understand all this and for some reason I am sure that we will go along with her in a new way, which I will take first.
My conscience calls me to this, my duty to my father, my love for Quito.
Ellie called last night.
Red left for Osaka for two days and she invites me to dinner.

An hour later I was with her.
And this time we could not talk a bit, more and more new details, events popped up in memory, more and more new ideas for the future came up in our heads and demanded discussion.
We sat side by side on a wide sofa and I hugged her around the waist in a friendly way.
Gradually, my hand began to feel.
a woman, an elastic thin body of a woman that I have already had once.
My cock began to strain.
Ellie, obviously, noticed this and, feeling a excited male beside her, quietly moved away.
– Don’t, Richard.
– Allie.
– What? – How to say to you.
I do not regret that that time it happened.
– Stop doing that! Is it possible so? – Answer me one question.
– Well? – Allie.
were you then nice? – Do not talk about nonsense.
– Allie.
It was? Tell me, honey, was it sweet to you? – Well, it was.
And what of it? – Highly? – You know.
– Ellie, did you let down? I stroked her waist and hugged me.
Ellie tilted her head, but throwing a glance at my dick, who bulged her trousers, turned her to the side.
– Ellie, answer me.
– What? – her voice has become very quiet.
– Did you let down?

I took her hand and put it on my dick.
She hesitantly pulled her hand away, but slightly moving away from me, she said softly: “Richard, we did very badly.”
– Ellie, we didn’t do anything wrong! We experienced with you the greatest pleasure and nothing more.
– But I’m your sister! – So what? If sexual intimacy gives us such joy, then why reject it? These are all just conventions.
– You think? – The way it is.
Sexual intimacy with you gave me the greatest pleasure.
This I have not experienced.
– With whom? – With many.
– For example? – Recently, with Marseille, with Quito.
“Richard, you must tell me everything in detail.”
– Of course! With great pleasure! By the way, all the details I have recorded.
– Will you let me read ?! – Required.
I thought about it myself.
It seems to me that it would be better if you take my notes with you to quiet America, save them for me and think about something myself.
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