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The hostess will not like what they end up in the corridors.
He quickly ran down the stairs, the corridor instantly swept, Lyosha went down into the darkness of the basement, stiffened after the last step, tugged on the penis – it increased several times, but the skin passed over the head in a blissful feeling – reduced to the size of the usual.
– What?.
– There was a female voice.
Lyosha froze.

In the twilight I saw Lera standing up from the floor, looking at him sleepily.
“I can finish,” said the guy, continued to drive his hand along the trunk.
Movement stopped due to the fact that the arm grabbed.
Next to the guy was a girl, pushed his hand with a member.
“Let me,” she said.
– Ler, do not.
– Lyosha groaned, but the girl knelt down.
The head penetrated between the lips, the tongue frayed it.

Head pressed to the groin in an attempt to swallow a member entirely – the elasticity allowed to do with ease, but when Lera pulled her head back, the trunk did not leave her mouth, and the rest stretched.
The girl spat out a member, asked: – What is it ?.
She saw the expression on the guy’s face, which showed the desire to explain nothing, but the desire of another.
The member dipped again in the mouth, Lera diligently moved her head until the guy pushed her away, warm jets shot at her face, completely filled it.
Drops fell on his chest, on the floor.
The girl took the sperm from the eyes, opened them.
In front of her lay Lesha, with her mouth open, breathing into the ceiling.
Lera examined the basement in search of something to wipe her face off, and tore off the search for the guy’s question: – Do you remember whose students the two magicians called themselves?

“Like, Illonas,” the girl replied.
– And what ?.
– Interesting.
“Dedicated to the greatest occupant of Charentons hospital.
“” VODKA WITH JUICE “The fun lasted for more than one hour.
Many participants of this holiday of life were already in a good drunk, and slowly the moment came when one big company was divided into groups according to their interests.
Olya tried to control herself at such events, but today there was an exception.
Once again she poured herself some vodka with juice and lost a little bit of her, lost in her own thoughts.
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