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How, Prometheus, I carry the fire, not sparing my strength! So that the FAKEL illuminates the beauty of the Anus Tunnel! I took the female anus and pussy! .
Breasts of all sizes namyanal! And now I have this whim: To stick to a sweet pope, What an autumn leaf! – Instincts draping into poetry I want you to be a woman, not a person! Putting the breasts in the bodice, You remember me! .
Who pushed you between them With the desire for sorrow! Weak woman fucking hard! Freemen is called debauchery! Strong lady, and pore poorly! All because she: business woman! In the sweat of the face mining shishi, Do not forget to sin from the heart! With herself, naturally playing, Saying to myself: “I’m not young anymore!
“She threw the keys to paradise!

Your Loneliness! If you really want But no longer masturbate: Maybe it will turn out To dry up in the buttocks! Tete-a-tete, brotherhood!
Suppose I am a decent asshole – We dump the “White Dance”! .

There, like a true gentleman, Coy-where I put in a cream! On the “Half Fedor” I will come To you, in the bright Dream! .
Excitement-agitated: You did – so wanted – too! .
While your bed squeaks, Like a heart beating! Breathe in the fragrance of life, what the name is! You have a big butt! Charming chest! And in a married look something, That does not allow me to breathe! Here, one day, early in the morning, Maybe in the late evening, Or in the afternoon, bright, welcome, Oh! we will understand each other! .
When teles intertwine In the throat of love, in sweat, in shame! .

Let loneliness burn through Our passionate moan – Self Desire! In the night the priest turns white, the light is extinguished! And his fingers in slippery I attracted to anis! Slow down, Instant! Rejoice the soul, Carefully guiding you a big male! Stockings – openwork in the chair.
Linded sheet: Hi, lovely night Dawn haze of the day! The last night of the priest – the bride was! .
Dressed in a soft spot, my good! They have been there.
– you cheat “Cheeks” timidly straining! .
Make friends with you, baby! You only lose your modesty! In every way you had Nonspecialists in this matter! Forget! Please let!
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