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I promise in the future not to bore you with tedious stories about yourself and pay more attention to sex and everything connected with it.
Well, in short, in an okhuitelny day, even before the ascent, senior sergeant Eshmatulloev awakens us and Smagin and sets a combat mission: pussy, they say, in the village shop for a drink, because in the evening grandparents will have a keldym to mark the day of the unit.
Smagin for the elder – he quickly thinks in his mind.
And I – for the transportation and protection of valuable cargo.
From the garrison to the village on the road 14 km, and through the forest, partisan path, only eight.

Everybody knows this path, so patrols never go there.
Reached the store normally, vtarilis bormatuhoy to the eyeballs.
On the way back, I looked, Smagin was hardly dragging his feet, completely smelled in his office.

Halfway to the garrison we turn along the path to the lake.
Suddenly, because of the bushes we see – fucking in the forehead !!! “A woman is naked! She also noticed us at once, and — fucking so calmly standing by the water, her hair is white like that of Sophia Loren, her boobs are like Gina Lolobrigida, her nipples are pink, swollen, her legs are long, her pubis is shaved.
In short, if you do not look at the face, the cover of “Penthouse” in nature.
I feel from such a picture in my balls goose bumps.
Smagin, too, okhuil telescopes advanced to the maximum, and she screams: what, they say, got up, boys? Get undressed and go swimming! I have come to myself from such arrogance, I look: Smagin has already appeared near her.
It is a pillar, jaw weighed, glasses almost rested against the very sisiki.

And she plop into the lake and from there screams, like, the water is warm, boys, take off your clothes and swim after me! Well, I – well, I think hard, but Smagin, cheap, bullshit, threshed everything under the brainy, and then, I did not have time to blink, as he remained in his underpants.
Faster than the lift-hang-up training.
Looks at him from such a spectacle, the intellect completely fell out and the autopilot turned on.
Though he was swimming like a dog, but quickly, I barely caught up with him.
Heifer, meanwhile, already on the other side came out and – shmyg into the bushes, only the ass flashed.
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