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And so, when I saw my salvation only in the inhuman speed of our bodies, he suddenly began to move my hips, as if pulling me on myself and moving myself, I slightly twitched my hips and a wave of orgasm covered me.
I finished several times, trembling all over, fell on the carpet from fatigue.
Feeling like streams of hot sperm pouring on my ass and back, I smiled and fainted.
Paul came home some not himself.
Dasha immediately noticed it.

She had the feeling that he was obviously unusually excited.
– What is it that you are today? – she smiled in surprise.
– Just not licked, looking at me.
“I spent an hour in the sex shop, try not to get excited here,” and he pulled her to his waist.
– The very same I gave up a little idea.
– With role-playing or what? What are you doing right now? – she jokingly beat off.
– Well, yes, with group sex, – he bit into her ear.
– Yours, after all, was the idea.
– Oh! What are you doing?! Shrieked Daria.
Pavel pinched her ass.
– Like what?!

Seducing the girl, I am preparing for the game.
– And what, right now? So from the threshold? – Of course! I really can not hold back anymore after all these sex toys, – he reached for her hand under the t-shirt.
– No, no, no! The game, so the game – she deftly twisted.
– Come on, how to cook.
Everything should be as it should.
What is your toy? Tell the story faster.
“Well, fine,” Paul reluctantly surrendered.
– Then quickly shower and arrange the game.
You only wear a bathrobe and panties.
They hurriedly showered and, moving into the bedroom, sat down on the bed.
Pavel pulled out a sex toy.
He already washed it properly.
It was a large enough artificial member of the material “live skin”.
Dasha, of course, saw such in the sex shop, but didn’t file a mind, of course.
– Wow! – sounded delight in her voice.
– Why did you start something like that ?! “Easy group player,” Paul smiled with a sly one, and rubbed his hands impatiently.
– A student, associate professor and professor.

The professor has a real professorial member, otherwise, what kind of doctor is he ?! – Well, of course! With a small member of the doctoral hell to protect! – Daria nodded knowingly, starting to fit into the game.
“It’s no use trying,” Paul said with a shrug.
“What kind of scientist are you then?”
And now, listen to the story – he just continued, without licking his lips, while Dasha felt the “professor’s member” with respect.
Live skin was, of course, cool.
Still a bit cold, the dildo was pleasantly silky to the touch, as if alive.
– Imagine this.
You are a university graduate student.
A pretty young lady.
Before the bachelor’s degree, it remains for you to pass the last year-old, and you have delayed with it to the last.
Clubs, boys, parties.
In general, I relaxed at the end of my studies.
You come with your unfortunate student to the associate professor who supervises you once or twice, but he does not accept him and that’s it.
Whether carping, reptile, or work is actually left, it is absolutely not clear.

You tortured with it altogether.
And suddenly, during a regular meeting with an assistant professor, you notice that he clearly looks at your chest and knees, and then somehow strangely looks into your eyes.
Sweetly so with an ambiguous smile.
You catch his gaze and feel something in him that is not as if some kind of hint.
Already, you feel a little unpleasant.
And he calmly makes you understand that it would be nice for you to have an individual consultation.
And it rests on the individuality.
Otherwise, they say, he does not even know how to proceed further with such frivolous work.
– Maybe I better in the library to dig? – not quite sure you ask.
– Yes, why do you need it? – sincerely surprised assistant professor.
– This is the way ugly girls in libraries sit, what they still have to do? Beautiful is better to go to nightclubs and individual counseling, he says cheekily, and he just never licks his lips, throwing a greasy look at your chest.
– Are you sure she will help me? – you will still try to dodge, pretending that you do not understand the dirty hints of the assistant professor.
– One hundred percent! – frankly undresses that with a look.

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