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I was caressed by the second dancer in a red vest who danced with Polina, he apparently heard my moans, or maybe they had agreed in advance that the second would join later.
At that moment I didn’t care, I lay on the table with my back and leaned my hands on the wall above my head.
The second guy continued to caress me, but then he stopped, and going away he completely undressed and looking at how his friend fucked me on the table, began to masturbate.
I feel the movements of the penis in my vagina and get pleasure from it, turned my head to the side and looked at the second guy, how he masturbates with his right hand, and caresses his testicles with his left.
Then the first guy took out my penis and took off my panties and skirt, squatted down and began to make me a close-mouth, his tongue slid along my labia, penetrating between them into the vagina.

My clit was also not deprived, the guy sucked him and licked.
I stuck out my tongue and played with it a little, then I pulled my lips into a tube, as if kissing the second guy from afar, and then took the index finger of my right hand in my mouth and began to suck it.

I got up and running my hand through the hair of the first guy told him to bare completely, which he started to do, and she went to the second guy, kissed her lips and knelt down in front of him.
I held the tongue over the entire length of the penis from the bottom, from the testicles to the bridle, then licked around the head and took it in my mouth.
Sucking the head with my right hand, I masturbated the rest of the penis, and with my left I caressed the hips and buttocks of the guy.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the first guy came up and I started to masturbate his penis with my left hand, while continuing to suck the penis of the second.
After I, with the movement of my hands, made it clear to the dancers to stand opposite each other, as close as possible, and, sitting between them, took both of their members in her mouth.
And as I understood the guys felt pleasure not only from the blowjob, but also from the fact that their members touched.
I continued to suck dick of the first guy, kneeling, and the second standing on my knee behind me began to fuck me in the vagina, firmly holding the waist at the hips.

Holding both men’s buttocks with both hands, I felt the dick slide through my tongue and as it moved deep into it, the head would hit the throat.
The second guy was fucking me from behind with every movement of a member deep into the vagina pushing my body forward, so that the member in my mouth also moved deep into it simultaneously.
Strong male hands squeezed my hair and I realized that the guy is now finished, sperm immediately got into my throat and I swallowed it, then again and again, until the member began to relax.
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