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Many interests.
I love everything new.
If you want a decent girl to become your personal whore, do not remind her that in a decent society to sell your body for money is not comme il faut.
Let her get used to the idea that nothing special is happening, that “now everyone is doing this way”, that you are interested in her inner world.
Ah, you are nobly outraged by my meanness? Allow me, but for centuries men have hung noodles on women’s ears.

Why not tell a woman what she wants to hear? And then – didn’t I in the first letter say very frankly what I want from her? I don’t lie to women for the sake of sex, I’m just helping them come to terms with the thought that I need them in order to make my penis come true 🙂 01.
After all, I just want to thank you somehow if you will spend time with me, and do not want to buy you.
Maybe just give you gifts.
Half a year we communicate, but so far all for nothing.
On the one hand, she cannot go for it, but on the other hand, she has a difficult financial situation, she needs money.

The situation is just like that story.
I feel that I am very close to the fulfillment of my fantasy, but the meeting is once again disrupted.
Of course, the network is full of other girls more complacent, and they sometimes entertain me, while I with the patience of the gardener, caring for camellia, process Kira.
“People can’t wait! Give them an immediate, quickest way to success, but haste cannot achieve anything good, so patience has always been a great virtue” (Ali Absheroni).
15 to 14.
we just get to know each other.
if you like it – take it off.
A small cozy dvushku, I am not the first time here.
I always come a little before the agreed time – turn on the column, adjust the water temperature, lay out the bedding, make the bed.
The very process of making the bed for a girl who has never been seen in real life, excites.
Having finished the preparations, I wrap the corner of the blanket, which is why the bed immediately takes on an unobtrusively shameless look, as if inviting me to strip and give myself to love joys.

You never know for sure whether a girl will fall into bed with an unfamiliar man at the first meeting, but practice shows that if she did come, then I put ten against one, which will lie down.
Looking forward to how my hands will stroke the ass of the girl, which I persuaded more than seven months, and these thoughts drive me crazy.
Although she said that the meeting was just for dating, I just prepared condoms and a few thousand rubles just in case – who knows how the meeting will end.
Finally, she enters the apartment.
She is really pretty.
Long dark hair, a serious gaze clever brown eyes.
Breast and ass stand out noticeable bulges on the sweater and jeans, but it does not make her look fat, but rather makes her figure more teasing.
We go into the living room and sit on the sofa a meter apart.
I tell her the legend that I am looking for a girl for constant infrequent meetings, with which both of us will be fine, that I would like her to like, that she is ready to help financially.

Almost all of this is true.
I just keep silent about the fact that I hardly sleep with her more than once, that I want to force her to sleep with me, that I want to see her eyes when she sucks a member of an unfamiliar man.
And that I want to give her money as the last whore – this is also part of the intended pleasure.
We talked for more than an hour, but I never got close to my cherished goal.
Some kind of invisible wall stands between us.
Finally, she was about to leave.
I felt it was time to act, otherwise she would leave, and who knows if the continuation will follow? – Maybe all the same, try now? – I leaned over to her and tried to hug.
She pulled away a little from me and visibly tensed.
I moved more forward, hugged her with one hand and kissed her.
She seemed to stop and did not react.
Continuing to kiss her, I took her other hand with her chest and began to knead her through a thick sweater.
The member began to harden.
“No,” she said softly.
– No, not so – I immediately pulled away from her and released his chest from his palm.

She looked straight at me with unblinking eyes.
Two years have passed, but I still remember that look.
It was the look of a man shocked so much that he did not express any emotions – neither surprise, nor outrage, or reproach.
She seemed dumbfounded.
For a few seconds I looked at her with a grin.
– What are you looking at? – I asked with irony.
– How? – she seemed to wake up from a dream and return to reality.
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