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Kate felt the wet head poked into the entrance and immediately stuck into her vagina, bursting it from the inside.
The member filled it all up; the men’s hands tightly tightened her hips and she could only move forward or backward, leaning on the hot cock.
She imagined how she looked from the outside: a typical picture from a magazine was a man in front, a man in the back, a girl in the middle, as if strung on a spit.
Continuing to diligently suck, Katya felt Yuri feeling her ass.
Without stopping the jolts, Yura pressed his fingers on the resilient bud of the anus, then he kneaded it in a circular motion.

Then he spat on him and began to push his finger into it.
Kate patiently listened to how a man’s finger penetrates her tightly compressed ass.
The movements of the penis in the vagina seemed to resonate with the walls of the ass, Katya felt what a thin wall separates the finger from the penis.
Yura moved his finger here and there, then stopped and said aloud, addressing Sasha: – Come on, go ahead, stop nodding here.

And you, bitch, get up.
Now let’s see which one of you is a whore.
Sit on me.
He sat on the sofa, lay back, squeezed his legs together and sat Kate on his penis.
Powerfully took her by the chest and squeezed them, pulling the girl to him and squeezing her nipples.
Sasha approached them from behind.
– Well, Katechka-bitch, did you try two members at once? – asked Yura.
Katya shook her head: – Mm.
– That’s good.
Wet my fingers
– Yura stuffed her two fingers into his mouth and slid them inside.
– Taak.
He stretched out his hand for her and Katya felt how he lubricated her ass, unceremoniously pushing his fingers inside and turning them there.
– Sasha, come on! – Yura nodded.
Katya internally shrank.
She understood that she needed to relax, but she could not do anything with herself: she was frightened by the thought that now the second member would stick into her ass and they would tear it together.
The head of the penis really did not keep itself waiting – Katya felt a strong touch, push, pressure and pain from the way the resilient barrel screwed into her tight anus.

Sasha reached out with her hand to her face, put her fingers into her mouth and, as soon as Yura had just collected her saliva, in order to lubricate his stem and her entrance that had entered halfway.
Two elastic male members tore Katina crotch.
In the ass it was painful, but in the vagina there was a pleasant fullness and pressure on the walls, and Katya concentrated on this sensation.
She could not hold back the groans of pain, but men obviously didn’t care or even pleased to torture her.
Sasha made slow movements, driving his penis deeper into Katin’s anus, and Yura moved his hips up and down, ramming her vagina.
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