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But fucking myself My Lady does not allow me.
Maybe from now on I like older women, they know what they want and I just need to do it, and it definitely helps me to caress girls of my age, and this is an indispensable experience.
That one day, I came to my mother at work to transfer the keys to the apartment.
Even at work, while there was no one, she made me call her Mistress.
– Mom, hold the keys! – I said when I came to her office.

– My Slut, are you completely brazen? What should you call me? She shouted at me.
“Lady, here are the keys you asked for.”
– staring at the floor, I said.
Mother came to me.
I pulled off my pants and looked, in what I panties.
I had to walk all the time in her panties.
Some she bought me, some gave her.
Now I was in her panties, not thongs, but white lace, where there was a hole near the crotch.
It was hard for me to adapt to women’s panties, since I was always excited, and it was awkward to walk with an erection of 17 cm long.

But over time, all the excitement passed.
I liked that my mother calls me a slut and calls me a female name at home.
– Great, Slut keeps all our rules – Smiling mother continues.
I put my hands on my shoulders, pressed me to sit on the front of my knees – Come under the skirt, otherwise it seems to me that my juices are flowing there, but you still don’t drink them, not order – Mom took me by the head and guided me under the skirt.
She stood clasping her hands on the table, I was at the Lady’s skirt – My panties do not drag, rubbish! Through them suck! She shouted loudly and viciously and gave me a cuff.
I pressed my lips to my panties, they were wet and smelled good of my mother’s liquid.
I grabbed the crotch with my mouth and began to suck through the panties, breathing in my mouth the droplets of my mother’s fluid and exhaling with my nose.
Itself from this became excited, my cock stood and was ready.

Mom began to move her hips and e lubricant, through her panties began to smear on the face.
I tried to wrap my mom’s pussy around my mouth, but she moved her faster.
Then there was a knock at the door, my mother rejected my head with her head.
I looked at her from her knees, she was pleased and smiled at me.
Hands on my chin lifted me up and told me to open the door.
Although the face was wet, I went to the door and opened it, standing outside the door so that I was not visible.
Entered subordinate mothers.
She was about 38 years old.
She was short, with short blond hair that was cropped under a square.
She was not very beautiful figure, was dense, with a bulging tummy, with a big booty and big plump legs.
But it was clear that she was watching her.
She was wearing a loose long skirt of pink color, which was covered only on the bottom, which made her big bottom very attractive.
In a white blouse that clings to her body, breasts and folds on her stomach, when she was bent or not standing with a straight back.

The chest was 3 sizes, the bra through the white blouse was translucent, it was lace and white.
She gave the mother documents and turned around to leave, but drew attention to me.
I stood further behind the door and had already managed to wipe my face from the lubricant of the mother, and the only thing that betrayed me was the count in the pants that I did not have time to go.
– Son, go home, we’ll continue there! – my Lady ordered in a strict tone.
– Well, as you say Madam.
– I replied, realizing that I partly betrayed our game and this made it even more interesting.
I smiled to myself, wondering what mom was experiencing.
I was already leaving through the checkpoint when my phone rang.
The voice of My Lady Mother ordered to go to the toilet on the first floor and not close the door there.
My fantasy immediately began to present all the most interesting things that can be done at work in the toilet.

I boldly went to the toilet and began to wait for what would happen, I began to get excited from the expectations and fantasies.
Here the door opens and a woman enters her mother’s office.
She quickly entered and closed the door to the cabin on the latch.
– I am Irina, and I want to go to the toilet! And you say they lick your mother.
She called you bad words now.
And a couple of times told that you had her and a toilet slave! – With a smile, but she said a certain impudent.
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