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Yes, you are right, I take them naked.
– He added frankly, noticing her skeptical smile.
I have an order to shoot a girl like you, the payment is good – four hundred a day.
I saw you yesterday in the Aquatic Center, you are suitable in all respects.
Works for one or two days.

Just shooting, no sex.
Money immediately.
If you agree, I will explain in more detail, if not, you can go.
Otto lit a cigarette and waited for the girl’s response.
In principle, he knew her decision in advance, but he was not going to rush.
Catherine thought for about five minutes, then suddenly closed the door and asked.
– We are going right now? By the way, can I have a cigarette? He handed her the pack and grinned, taking a business card from his pocket.
– In the evening.
To seven you will come to this address, there they will meet you.
You do not need to take anything with you, everything is there.
And please wash before leaving.
If there are no questions, then go.
I still have to work.

Leave the money, it’s an advance.
And do not be late.
After dropping the girl off and getting to the office, Otto was preparing the technique for shooting and thought about how easy it was to persuade the youth.
He was generally satisfied with a similar state of affairs, but he was slightly disturbed by the willingness with which the youngsters put their mothies under both the camera lens and men with money.
“Fuck with your boys.
Are there really not enough guys? Or is it all about money? “- he thought, wiping the optics and loading the film into the devices.
But, by and large, he had nothing against them, and he even liked Catherine, at least externally.
Little by little Otto started to wind up, as always before shooting.
He wondered about the angles from which Katrin would shoot, a prop that can be used.
The task was pretty simple.
in addition to the requirements for the exterior of the model, the customer specified only a few mandatory points, such as the use of dildos, chains and other accessories.

A prerequisite was that the picture breathed with passion, and was not a standard setting.
The interior, outfits and positions were entirely left to the discretion of the photographer, which Otto loved very much.
There was a place for creativity in this order, which was not always enough for him, and therefore he was looking forward to the beginning of the shooting session.
He preferred to work alone, except for a model, and did not tolerate anyone’s presence on the court, which everyone knew about and tried to leave in advance.
He especially didn’t like it if the customer wanted to act as a director himself.
There were also such lovers, for whom the photo session was only a reason for the lustful gazing at the little girls, or, even worse, for their lap and subsequent sex right on the playground.
When Heinrich came across such orders, he sent Otto home, paying him a standard amount for the session, and he replaced him with Michael, who could only press the trigger, and approximately direct the camera toward the object.

But, by the way, nothing else was required in these cases.
At the appointed time, Michael called and said that he was taking a girl to the studio.
Running it inside, Otto said goodbye to Mikael, closed the door behind him and turned to Catherine.
She looked with interest at the situation, not at all embarrassed by the fact that she was left in an unfamiliar place alone with a man.
– You can undress there.
Otto nodded to the corner where the screen stood.
– And let’s get down to business right away.
– Completely? – Catherine interrupted him.
– Yes of course.
Do not worry, I said that this is only a shooting.
– And I’m not afraid.
– she shuddered with her thin shoulder blades under her sweater that covered the body and set off behind the screen.
– A customer needs photos of a girl of your age playing with various toys.
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