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When one of them passed by me, I almost turned my neck, seeing her off.
What I liked? – asked Olya.
I was a little embarrassed.
Yes, there is something to see.
But, you do not go to any comparison with them – I told her.

Olya smiled.
The aircraft, meanwhile, gained altitude, in the windows were visible clouds, sailing below us.
Girl, tell me if we can transfer.
Pointing to empty seats at the end of the cabin, the stewardess asked Olya.
Yes, please, the flight attendant said and added.
If it will be convenient for you there.
Thank you, it will be convenient for us there – looking at me, said Olya.
I got up and let Olya go ahead, headed towards the end of the cabin.
I walked behind Olga, not taking my eyes off her beautiful figure.
The cabin was half empty, all the passengers sitting in front.
When we reached the seats at the end of the salon, she said: Sit down.
I’m coming now, just going to the toilet.
I settled in a chair, leaving Ole a place near the porthole.
While she was gone, I took the newspaper and began to read jokes, but all my thoughts were about why I am not with her now. Trust trino hd webcam mit mikrofon.