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Then her eyes moved to my groin, and the smile became even wider.
– you would also do well to get rid of excess clothing – you sweat in it, and then wash me too much.
And with these words, she again put her head in her hands.
I, as if enchanted, lowered my shorts and shorts, freeing my dick out, and continued whipping my aunt with a broom, but with great enthusiasm.
The blows made her shudder a bit and her buns were shaking, revealing the view of the holes for a split second.

I suddenly wanted to whip these rolls, which I did.
With each stroke, the aunt moaned at first, and then even began to cry out.
One careless movement, I touched my penis with a broom, which was extremely painful.
I screamed and stopped.
Aunt Lena got up and sat on the bench.
Looking at me, holding the penis in her hand, she said: – well, well, well, my dear, let me feed and everything will pass.
She pushed my hand away, approached me and began to blow on my dick, then gently took me by the balls and pulled me closer to my face.

Having seen the red trail of a broom on the head of the dick, she began to wet it with her saliva, almost touching the penis with her lips.
Her hand clenched a bit on the eggs, and one finger approached the depth between the legs and touched my hole.
For a moment, she looked up at me, and then planted her mouth on the penis and stuck a finger into my ass.
I could barely stand on my feet from the surging sensations, and that was mainly due to the fact that I was impaled on my aunt’s finger.
I no longer felt the pain of being hit by a broom, but only blissed out by the squishing sounds from the mouth of my new mistress.
Not wanting to have fun alone, I grabbed my aunt by the hair and stopped her.
Directing her head, I let her know that I wanted her to turn around, which she did, kneeling on a bench and leaning on the canopy.
I parted her buns and easily entered the member in the pussy.
How tight and warm it was inside the aunt.

But this was not enough for me, and after a couple of pushes, I carefully slapped my middle finger, inserted it into her ass.
My aunt twitched and screamed, but judging by how easily the finger entered at full length, I realized that for her it was not the first time.
And when, through the walls of the vagina and the ass, I felt with my finger the trunk of my dick and pressed it, she did moan with pleasure.
Accelerating the pace and not loosening the pressure with my finger, I pulled my aunt into both holes, irrevocably approaching the orgasm.
Stopping, I freed my aunt from everything I pierced with her, bent down and licked the little ring of her hole, then opened it with my fingers and spat right inside the butt.
Then I put a member of the ass and began to push it inside.
He walked not very well, and the aunt often breathed and began to rub his clit.
Loosening the pressure, I passed a little back, and then began to push back inside, then back a centimeter back and two forward.

The ass is very tightly squeezing the penis, the eggs were already burning with fire, and the aunt was already shaking in predorgazmenny convulsions, and now I completely drive into her penis and begin to pour out inside, and she begins to scream, breaking off on a rattle.
I woke up on the floor of the bath, my aunt closed his eyes, lay on the bench, we both breathed heavily.
– And you turned out to be more experienced than I thought.
Although what is there – so many vegetables to transfer to your ass – how can you not learn – she turned her head to me and winked – and with other girls.
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