Android mobile as webcam. She was dressed about the same.
We laugh, “hammer” the music, the girl is coming.
I try not to pay attention to her because of innate pride, but I don’t look aside for a long time.
I look at her again, she is very close, her face is serious, pale and very beautiful.
Almost as pitch hair just below the shoulders, loose, airy.
She is tall enough, her breasts are medium in size, her leather sandals look brown on her.

In parallel with the boys, I try not to lose sight of any details of her appearance.
I definitely liked her.
I, whining at the guys, decided not to be greedy and share visual pleasure with them.
Now all three are looking at her carefully.
When she reached the car, she calmly looked at each of us, almost fluently, but still attentively (I think she considered everything she needed), and then slowly looked away.
Turning away slightly, she apparently made it clear that we were not interested in her, but a flirty, barely perceptible smile began to play on her face.
For some reason, I felt ashamed that I was sitting in such a ruin. Android mobile as webcam.