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Slowly, very gently, he let his hands go up the inner side of his mother’s legs, feeling the smoothness and velvet of her skin, slowly pushing them apart.
His hand went to her pussy, feeling her fluff, but stopped and made her way back.
Sue groaned in a frenzy.
Jack’s one hand went back to her nipples, caressing one or the other.
The second slowly stretched her legs so that her pussy, shiny with moisture, opened slightly.

She was so wet that her juices began to drain on a blanket, leaving traces on it.
She kept moaning and moaning, raising her hips to meet his hand, but never touched her.
He was still fully dressed, his old shorts were ready to tear under pressure.
Through the mist of pleasure, Sue felt that Jack was not sure about the next step.
She was close to despair.
Overcoming the pain, she reached out to him with her good hand and tried to take the shirt off her son.
This was a confirmation that he needed.
In less than a second, his clothes flew across the room into a corner, and he leaned down to kiss his mother again.
“Mmmm, mom,” he whispered, pressing his lips to hers.
“I love you so much.
“She moved a little towards him in the desire to touch, but she faced the impossibility of this action.

Instead, she began to passionately kiss him, clinging to his whole body.
She felt the hardness of his penis against her legs, spread apart wider than ever before.
Interrupting the kiss, she moved so that his cock could easily enter her.
“Mom, are you sure? It’s not too late.
“But both of them knew it was a lie.
His body was already moving when he spoke, and they felt how the head of his penis was pushing her moist soft lips to enter it.
He tried to enter slowly and gently, but Sue could no longer wait.
With a triumph of triumph, she threw her hips towards her to meet all his might, plunge his barrel deep inside.
Where it originated.
She screamed from the pain in her hand.
Sharp movement shifted the bandage.
Jack heard her moan, but there was no way back, and he plunged his dick into its depths at the same time gently and gently, ruthlessly and wildly.
She sobbed with each thrust, moving her hips toward him, drowning out the pain.
This wild jump, push by push, brought them closer to a quick end.
Excitement that grew all day threatened to spill over into a fire.
“I’m coming, mom,” he groaned.
“Give it to me, baby,” she shouted.
“Give it to me now.
Give it to me NOW.
“There was no more pain, only intimacy that filled them.

Both lovers received from the other and gave him equally many in convulsions of orgasm.
Sperm boiled, spewing into its depths.
She felt the sperm that flowed wildly into her, happy with the realization that it was her son.
Jack sank down on the side of her healthy hand, tenderly embracing while kissing.
“Mmmm,” she whispered.
“This is the medicine I needed.
I don’t think my hand will bother me anymore.
“He clung to her with his whole body and firmly hugged his mother, wondering how he had lived with this woman all his life, not realizing until the present moment how deep their love could be.
And both fell into a dream, full of tenderness dream of lovers.
Chapter 5
Violence in the insulator.
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