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Before leaving, he threw a look at me so filled with burning hatred that I had to cover my face with my hands.
The door slammed shut.
– I am only reassured by the fact that this blow was intended for the yellow devil.
And where did you get such power? We must so please! Here is a girl! So grumbled Red standing in front of the mirror.
“Half an inch lower and I would be without an eye.”

But only in any case, this yellow devil will remember me for a long time.
And you, if you get him, he will eat.
Red turned to me, his eyebrow was cut, blood on his temple.
He looked scary.
I felt sorry for him.
After all, I did it all.
– Do you really hurt? After all, I inadvertently.
He smiled wryly: – There is not any guarantee that you will not do it on purpose.
Crazy girl! My mood rose again.
Positively Red I liked more and more.
– Wait, I’ll help you now! I completely forgot about my nail, and having jumped up from the sofa, I took out cotton wool, a bandage, and poured water into a basin.
– Come here, I’ll wash you.

Red obediently approached and became a frontman on his knees.
His head was at the level of my chest and he, obviously, only now noticed that I was completely naked.
His eyes widened and blinked often.
I was having fun, but I seriously washed the wound and put a bandage on him.
Now he looked like a pirate.
Well, just a pirate from an old adventure novel.
– Mr. Red, why don’t you thank your doctor? Or do not you like him? – I said completely emboldened.
Instead of answering, he, kneeling and hugging me around the waist, began, with eager ecstasy, to kiss my breasts and so gently and sincerely that I was possessed by the sweet truth that deprived me of power over my body.
It was much more pleasant than Mary’s shameless kisses, although they aroused my sensuality.
I wanted a more daring affection and, putting my chest under the kisses, I impatiently twisted Reda by the ears, by the hair, and even put his hand on his collar, tickling his back.
– Let’s go down.
– I do not know how it broke out from me, although it was very quiet.

But he heard, picked me up like a child, and covering my body with kisses, began to carry me around the room.
I laughed, for the first time I felt so good.
“You tickled me with your kisses.”
Put me in my place! He gently lowered me onto the bed and retreated a step.
His eyes sparkled, and his hands shook.
It seemed that he was now throwing himself at me and tearing to pieces, but I was not afraid.
– Well, what are you? – I asked impatiently.
With trembling hands, he began to tear off his clothes.
Jacket, shirt, tie, pants, pants, shoes flew in different directions and.
here in front of me stood a primitive man, burned with passion, completely naked and covered with hair from head to toe.
It was a magnificent sight and at the same time strange, tickling.
His huge cock was tight to the limit.
Blue-white-red color he glistened like lacquered, and his huge thick head, seemed to burst from the tension.
“Does he come into me” – I thought, and I was scared.

But desire overcame fear.
Inside, everything was burning inside me and I could hardly resist the urge to press my clit.
But suddenly, past my will, my hand reached out and grabbed Red for his huge cock.
He was hot and hard as a stick.
“What am I doing?” – flashed through my head, and I covered my face with shame in shame.
Red groaned and fell next to Smy.
And at that time there was a knock at the door.
I instinctively pressed into the corner of the bed, and Red, like an angry tiger, jumped out of bed and, covering the lower part of his body with a sheet, rushed to the door, shouting curses.
– The devil, I will kill! – He roared, opening the door.
From there seemed frightened face Chinese woman.
“I brought you rum and brandy, sir.”
she stammered.
With curses, Red grabbed a tray of bottles from her and slammed the door shut.
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