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There are several disks on the table, but if you brought a disk with you, please, you can use it.
The room is on the right along the corridor, the third door from the end – it looks like the last cue of the patient did not make any impression on the girl.
– Irina, I do not quite understand where the room is located.
You do not see me, please? Certainly surprised by the weak wit of the client, the girl still comes out from behind the counter and offers to follow her.
From this process, you can get a separate pleasure.

Oleg seductive black silhouette climbs in front of Oleg.
Narrow waist turns into sexy wide hips.
Trained elastic ass tightly covered with cloth and muscle movements are visible at each step.
Long slender legs and ask to stroke themselves.
Irina is walking along the runway.
The shoes become one in front of the other, the buttocks from this are invitingly swaying, the edge of the skirt slides on the black nylon.
In Oleg’s pants, by the time the room is reached, there is a complete riser.
– That way.

Bring the result, please, to the reception of the administration, – the beauty turns around, charmingly shaking the well-groomed hair and letting you feel the scent of the inviting perfume.
With a faithful husband and a successful banker, it is as if he clicks in his head: “I cannot miss it.”
– And you do not want to help me pass the analysis, Irina? Long eyelashes jumped up and brown eyes with aggression stared at Oleg.
“Man, I don’t allow strangers to make such jokes,” the model leg takes a sharp step to retire.
Yes, it seems, the former attractiveness is no longer valid for girls.
But now this male has another tool to get everything he wants.
– I am not kidding.
I’m willing to pay what you say, Ira.
What amount should I give? – a man’s hand sharply grabs a thin forearm wrapped in a sleeve of a jacket.
– Are you crazy? – turning to an elevated tone throws a young administrator, looking into the eyes of a depraved male.
“I’ll call the police now.”
Surrender your analysis and get out! – Baby, I’m talking about money worthy of you.

Your efforts will be really well rewarded.
Will you sell me fifteen minutes of your time for thirty thousand rubles? – the beauty stops pulling out her hand and stands still, boldly staring into Oleg’s eyes.
Irina rushes to her face and her cheeks turn bright red.
Are they trying to buy her as an elite prostitute? – Even fifty thousand.
I beg you, do not refuse, Ira.
I promise you will be incredibly nice too.
The girl, who has become the subject of bargaining, studies a daring visitor, smoothly looking from head to toe of a man.
Dear perfectly fitting suit, defiantly exposing its complex movement to a wristwatch, high-quality shoes, premium perfumed perfume.
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