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Little woman put her finger in her vagina.
A couple of minutes Zoe finished.
I licked everything.
While she was lying, barely breathing, the wife asked her: – Do you want to try a member of my husband? – Yes.
– Zoya croaked.

She raised her ass, I started to get attached to the back.
– No, fuck me in the ass! – Almost in a pleading voice said Zoe.
My wife did not like anal sex, arguing that she wants to go to the toilet after him.
And she hates enemas.
Therefore, I gladly agreed to the proposal of Zoe.
I gave my wife an index finger.
Then Zoe inserted it into the anus.
He entered easily.
I tried to push their sphincter boundaries.
I realized that her ass is working.
I took the lubricant from the vagina and immediately put a member into her anus.
The wife began to spank on the buttocks already me: – Oh, you rascal! When my wife fuck her girlfriend in the ass! After a few seconds, she lay between my legs and began to lick my scrotum.
Zoya meanwhile began to moan: – Cum into me.
A few minutes later I did.
I went limp after that, falling on my back.
But Zoe, tickling my testicles with her nails: – Come here, my sweetie.
– She pointed to the floor.
I stood in front of her.
She began to lick my dick.
Zoya was squatting on the edge of the bed.

She broke away from her occupation and said with a sly smile to my wife: – Kisul, and you a present.
– She pointed to her ass.
My wife fell under her and began to lick her point and suck out my sperm from him.
How she surprised me today with her accommodatingness.
She hadn’t even taken my cum in her mouth before.
While there was a process of sucking my sperm from my dick and points Zoya, my body rose again.
Zoe let go of my dick and rushed to lick my wife’s pussy.
After a couple of minutes, the wife is not what she had finished, she even squirmed! Zoya tried to swallow everything.
But a bit still missed.
“Help me, honey.” Zoe beckoned me with her finger.
I helped lick the remaining drops from my wife’s hips.
Then Zoe and I kissed.
– Take me in the ass.
– It was the groaning voice of his wife.
– But you do not like.
– I was taken aback.
– Do not worry, I made an enema at four in the morning.
I threw my wife’s legs over my shoulders.
I flew into her bud with ease too.
Such a surprise! I accelerated frictions.
Both women asked me to cum on their face.
When I felt the approach of an orgasm, I took out a member and began to masturbate.
The ladies quickly knelt in front of me.
Despite the fact that it was my second orgasm for today, sperm was enough to more than finish off cute little faces.

They began to lick sperm from each other.
And I fell down and enjoyed the spectacle.
Then they crawled up to me, and we merged into a single kiss.
It was the beginning of a new life.
I don’t know from what moment – in my childhood I liked to look in the mirror at my ass (7 years old).
I will say right away that I always liked girls, and the direction of my thoughts was like that – since I can’t see a girl now and here, I need to use what I have at hand.
And although our pussies are different, the butts are the same for boys and girls.
Looking at myself in the mirror, I imagined that I was looking at the girl’s ass and for some reason this had excited me since childhood.
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