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Gently kissing her temple, he suggested: – Natuska, did you come to me? Drink, speak out.
– What did you call me? – Wiping away tears, asked a woman.
“Natuska,” repeated Gosh.
Natuska smiled, gave Stepan a wave: “Let’s go! Drink like pigs! ”The driver blurted out to the boss to ask for permits for a daily rest.
Having received confirmation: “Let them get enough sleep.

But tomorrow night they will have a stormy night ”, took them to George’s home.
From the wall stuck the head of a deer.
The absurdity of what is happening, was also in what she said! – Konstantin Ivanovich Petrov? – The horned subject has taken an interest.
– In the morning, at least, they called me that, – looking askance at an open bottle of cognac, the individual of the male sex, aged fifteen years old, mechanically answered.
The guy had no luck in life.
His parents took off to celebrate New Year in America, giving the old child at his disposal for two weeks the whole apartment.

All favored for the onset of the feast of life.
However, fate mocked Kostya.
His beloved hid in the direction of the camp site, where, with their relatives, they traditionally celebrated this holiday every year.
With friends, too, came out a full paragraph.
One drove off to the grandmother, the other was going to honor the family circle.
The third was unavailable for cellular communication.
Showing the TV proudly upturned middle finger of the hand, the window, the half-bent hand fisting over the World, symbolizing something popular among the masses, Konstantin, depicting the age-old Russian figure of three fingers, opened the fridge and said the sacramental phrase: “Well, to hell with you!” took out a bottle of cognac and proceeded to parting with the old year.
He did not manage to say goodbye.
After the third glass, a talking deer head popped out of the wall.
– You are the chosen one! – Delightedly declared the head.

You have the honor to save the world.
– And in short, can not? – the guy interrupted the admiring beast, In short: what is my mission, what weapon, ultimate goal, and whom to save at the same time.
– This is not a computer game for you, – the speaker was indignant, – it is necessary to save the Snow Maiden from the insidious dwarfs who kidnapped Santa Claus’s ice mistress.
He himself is in a hospital with a heart attack.
So the New Year this time may not be! You Constantine had a unique opportunity to save the world! – Heh! Finally! Get drunk with three glasses! I am talking with hallucination! Konstantin closed his eyes and counted to ten, otmzmuril one.
The head has not disappeared.
Moreover, it has progressed.
And now the stately deer stood in the room.
From his open mouth he poured, it is not clear why, steam.
– I am right now butt you in the belly with a horn so as not to call names!

So you go? – And, of course, – the guy was a little frightened, – but where and what should I take with me? “Follow me,” said the talking animal, you don’t need to take anything, everything is there.
Kostya followed the deer, without any doubt that he would hit the wall.
However, what was his surprise when, having taken only one step, he got into the fairy-tale world.
It was snowing.
Beautiful butterflies the size of an earthy magpie, fluttered here and there.
On closer examination, it turned out to be elves.
Each individual had a small crystal wand in her hand, which sparkled while emitting a magical chime.
The guy did not feel the cold at all, although his clothes consisted of shorts and a T-shirt.
The deer has gone somewhere.
The elf, who had flown up to the lad, showed in the direction of a snow-covered building, remotely resembling a palace with a crystal wand, squeaked: “Us there.”
You have been waiting for a long time.

Drowning his ankles in warm snow, Constantine moved after the fluttering creature.
A strong north wind blew, gently stroking the guy’s face.
Throwing armfuls of warm snow flakes more like poplar fluff, made the boy sneeze loudly.
– You are not cold? – the conductor inquired attentively.
– Probably not.
– Now, I will adjust.
The wind instantly subsided, the snow stopped falling and pressed into a flat road.
Quickly reaching the snow-covered building, Kostya opened the door and entered the hall.
The fabulous decoration consisted of strange furniture and a heap of fountains in which funny mermaids frolicked.
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