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Why did I feel this strong sexual desire, because I felt only pain? I took the box and reread the inscription again – the cream turned out to be exciting from the category of those sold in sex shops.
When my son came out of the bath, I asked him where the cream was bought, and he told me how the cream was purchased at the pharmacy.
Obviously, the merchant sold him such an unusual substitute.
Now my task was to present everything as if it happened by chance and would never happen again.
-Thank you dear for such an unusual “treatment.”

I hope we don’t need it anymore and next time I can handle it myself.
I noticed my son’s disgruntled look, but discipline is discipline – this disgrace is no longer the place.
We pretended that everything happened by chance and did not talk about it anymore.
– Uncle, will you rub my back? Smiles, bitch-boy, looks sly half-turned.
Female perfidy at the age of thirteen.
she knows how much I want her and how excited by the sight of one of her bare shoulders.

Innocent and cheeky fun.
leaning out a little bit of foam, teasing a man with a bare back, giving room for imagination and in a place with that – no hint.
Just a niece refers to a relative who is not a man for her, but so.
Although we are still relatives.
Which year she grows before my eyes.
Leaving and returning to the city, I first go to the house to my cousin.
Strong man.
Hand with him that two hammers.
And with any technique he is on you.
disassemble and assemble even a tractor, even a plane.
He is glad to see me.
Perhaps, I am the only person in his environment who does not reproach either an idiot wife or an unfinished university.
And she always runs towards me.
First a clumsy baby, then a bony teenager.
But one day the little beauty opened the door for me.
I seemed to see clearly.
Choking and mumbling something about urgent matters, I squeezed past her into the room.
Our bodies touched.
As if my body ran an electrical discharge.
And from that moment on she began to see a man in me.

See – and tease in all possible ways.
She likes to feel power over me.
I like to tug on the invisible strings, seeing as a healthy man losing his lust, but is powerless in front of his desire.
After all, she is my niece.
However, only from a legal point of view.
When the cousin brought Mouse home, his mother – my aunt – hated the future daughter-in-law at first sight.
The mouse was not our blood, but the family was observing the custom laid down a generation ago.
Cousin flinched, but did not retreat.
Uncle tore his hair and threatened to deprive of inheritance.
The cousin only became gloomy every day, quit studying and went to work in the port.
Then the loader to the store.
Then the master in the garage.
And after seven months, having captured his pregnant wife, he left for another city.
For three days the aunt lay on her wide bed with her face blackened by tears.
Two weeks later, it was waiting for a new blow.
the cousin called from some hole and breaking through the noise of interferences, told her that she had become a grandmother.
– I knew that she was goggles when she saw her for the first time! – Shrieked aunt in an inhuman voice.
– This is not your child!

You want my death, scoundrel! May my eyes no longer see you or this slut! My aunt’s wish, alas, has come true.
The cousin returned to our city after a year or so for the mother’s funeral, carrying a charming big-eyed creature.
Niece went, as they say, not to the mother, not to the father, but to a visiting fellow.
A clear dissimilarity with parents was observed even in infancy.
And the further, the more.
But she still reminded me of someone.
This turn of the head, this soft gait.
No no! Do not think about it, do not think! Otherwise, feelings that are not related to me wake up in me.
I came up with her mother’s name.
Gray, small, with a short hair tail.
How to call this?
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