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Without waiting for an answer, I always kept silent about such conversations, he was taken aback.
– Sergey Sergeevich you feel bad? – I played along, – something your face turned red.
– Yes, no, Natalya Petrovna.
Just you some other steel! – Is it worse or better? – I sarcastically asked.
– I do not even know.

But the sexuality of you and beats.
– And where is it directed? – I looked down and saw a decent mound behind my fly.
– That’s where it gets.
– He said with a tremor in his voice, following my gaze.
– Well, here you are in the span.
I have a husband, and you have a wife! – and laughing merrily, left the office.
I decided.
And if this happens, and I will make every effort to this, the evening will be unforgettable! Tuesday night crept up unnoticed.
I flew in from work and, taking off my clothes, “turned over” a box with underwear.
It is the one that rarely opens for a husband.
The main problem in the life of a woman: – Not “what to do,” but “what to wear” ?!

Options for the sea.
You can, as always, nothing but throw a robe.
Or transparent tiny thongs with the same bra and top robe.
But there is a beautiful white bode, so defiantly tight figure highlighting everything! Or more.
She stopped at a simple cotton shorts.
They are one size smaller than I wear, but I look like a girl on my first date, which I was to do! Then I washed in the shower for a long time, realizing that this did not really help me, because from the very thought of Igor I began to literally flow.
As time went.
I calmed down, but he was not there.
I was already thinking that the issue was resolved without me, and even a little offended, but then the call of the intercom was heard, and I rushed to the phone like a gazelle.
Holding back impatience, she asked: – Who is there? “This is Igor,” came the reply, “Mom asked you to bring a package and help with something.”
– Come on Igor, – I purred, burning with impatience and desire to press the enter button.

It seemed to me that he was rising, for ages.
But then the bell rang and I gradually, as required by the mother of the family, open the door.
My face is radiant with happiness: – We will assume that he will not notice, – I think, – hello, Igor.
Come on in.
Come what brought.
Now tea or coffee and cakes in the kitchen try.
I hope you are not in a hurry? – Not.
My evening is free.
He looked at me with all his eyes.
They shone with joy and indecision.
It is unlikely that I paid attention to this in another case.
In their depths, I read an impossible wish.
And it was clearly about me! – Come on, take off your clothes.
Let’s drink some tea and you will help me with the boxes.
They need to get from the shelf – I showed the mezzanine in the hallway.
One I can not cope.
You will help an old woman? – Yes, you are not old! And at all young! – with the ardor of youth, he objected.
– I did not feel old.
I perceived myself on the first date, which was supposed to end in bed!

He took off his shoes, without failing to “secretly” gawk at my bare legs, and walked into the kitchen.
I went after him, feeling my nipples swell and gently rub against the delicate fabric of my dressing gown, and the desire is gathering hot in my lower abdomen, and between my legs it becomes wet.
In the kitchen, gathering on the table, I often bent over for unintelligible reasons, letting my legs and even panties look at him, and then, pouring out tea, leaned forward, so that only the lazy would not be able to peer behind the appealingly undone upper buttons of the robe.
On the dull-white taut hemispheres, it seemed to tear the fabric under its weight.
Yes, and erect nipples, appealingly promoted forward.
Igor was neither stupid nor lazy.
I was convinced of this when I glanced down.
His eyes devoured my supposedly “invisible” hemispheres, and his hands moved as if trying to touch such intimate and inaccessible charms.
The second glance below on the pants showed that nothing human is alien to Igor.

While we were drinking tea, I showed him plenty of legs in all the available angles, without going beyond the limits of visible decency.
Then, when the tea was drunk, they took a stool from the kitchen, and I, perched on it, began to disassemble the mezzanine.
At the same time, Igor, who was standing at the bottom, could see a lot of interesting things, especially if I was dragged behind things deeply or bent over, giving him boxes that he put on the floor, while looking up and not taking his eyes off my feet.
– 4 – Everything turned out even better than intended.
Getting up on a stool, I did not think to remove the clogs with high heels, which I went to at home.
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