Perfect babe webcam. Suck on, come on! – and he made an inviting gesture with his hand.
His face became sharply serious.
I immediately put this treasure in my mouth, from which my closest stranger immediately straightened out and groaned, repeating, “Fuck-ah!” I had to suck him briefly.
Literally in a few seconds it hardened and filled with juices.
I relished the pleasure of licking him on all sides and snuggling his face against his hard pubic hair.
The guy’s hands clasped my head and stroked it.

His movements were not aggressive, which excited me even more! After a few seconds, the guy gritted his teeth so as not to cry out, groaned harder and, making several sharp jolts with his torso, poured the sperm into my mouth.
I swallowed it right away, and my early friend went limp, smiled and stroked my head.
I must say that this last gesture insulted me a little, but I said nothing.
He began to fasten, but then I said: -Eh!

Wait a minute! And I? -Oh yes! I’m sorry! Well, come on quickly, let’s go! I still have time to make the flight before lunch.
I had to stop idling.
My caring friend laid a newspaper on which I repositioned my pleasure that had just happened.
Parting, we shook hands and thanked each other.
More we have not met.
In the autumn there are always few passengers on the trains.
Therefore, in the compartment number 7, in which the girlfriends of Light and Karina were traveling, only they were.
A premonition of a good holiday colored the trip in joyful tones.
They talked and laughed.
Laying out things, Sveta went for bed linen.
Karina, we have such a guide.
It is something.
– she rolled her eyes.
Pretty boy? – Slyly asked a friend, removing the jumper.
On the contrary.
Plain, angular, big nose and long arms.
He also jokes: “Devushka, are you getting to the second shelf? I can help. ”Nosy means passionate — Karina took off her jumper and began to pull her tracksuit out of her bag, turning her back to Sveta.

Here is a tan! Here it is ass! – Light pulled the gum strings and let go.
Gum clicked on the round ass.
– Are you naked tan? – Light looked at her friend, as if she saw her for the first time.
So what? – slyly answered Karina.
“Look how sexy it is,” she lowered her bra straps and two round, pumpkin-like breasts jumped out, gaining freedom.
Smooth white circles around the nipples only emphasized ripeness.
Give vilify – Light took her breasts as if weighing.
Take it.
I don’t feel sorry, Karina replied proudly, pulling her chest out.
And they laughed.
Suddenly the coupe door opened.
Preparing tickets.
On the threshold stood the conductor.
He wanted to say something more, but he forgot.
Without taking his eyes off the breasts that held the Light.
You are probably looking for tickets – embarrassment, he said.
Man, close the door – Karina said almost without embarrassment and turned her back.

The conductor smiled and slammed the door.
After some time, the car began to carry tea.
For some reason does not bring us.
Shy or what? – Karina said, pulling food out of the bag.
He will bring us coffee.
Your tits beat him to death.
– Light took a small bottle of brandy.
There was a cultural knock, the door opened Can you? – said smiling conductor.
If caution.
– Karina parried playfully.
The conductor brought tea and coffee.
And did not leave.
The girls invited him to the table.
Have talked.
His name was Karen.
Immediately determined that they were Karina’s namesake.
They drank to meet you.
Then for the meeting and the brandy ended.
Karen invited the girls to the dining car.
Karen and Karina sat down together, and Sveta sat opposite.
They drank “for all the good.”
And all the good things started for Karina.
The guide under the table put her hand on her knee.
In response, Karina smiled.
Karen grew bolder and fumbled on the girl’s legs and crotch.

Light looked at the table under the table, made big eyes.
Karina, laughing, with her foot, taking off her slippers, began to drive on Sveta’s legs.
She dropped her leg under the table.
Everyone was laughing.
Let’s go for a smoke? – the conductor suggested.
I do not smoke.
I’m probably going to go, – said Sveta and walked in an unsteady gait into her car.
I will come now, Light.
I’ll smoke and come – Karina purred.
The conductor settled, and they went out into the vestibule.
As soon as the door slammed, Karen embraced Karina from behind and held her close.
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