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Realizing everything without words, I put my face up so that it was more convenient for him to jerk off.
And at the same time, Sergei suddenly again firmly inserted it all the way so that I loudly screamed and leaned forward.
In the pope something flowed and then he finally pulled out his penis.
At the same time Dan finished.
His sperm with a powerful jet hit me first in the hair and then on the cheek.

The third, already less powerful salvo, just poured seed on the roof of the garage.
Dan is clearly a little disappointed and he finally put in again, already a calming member in my mouth.
Come on, lick it (he said gently) And I had no choice but to lick with the tongue everything that finally stood out from his member.
Viscous fluid filled my mouth and I clearly felt the taste of sperm.
He was different from mine – was more bitter.
I also felt like a gaping hole in my pope and Sergey’s sperm flowed out of it.
Not daring to move, I continued to lie on my hands with a curved booty, believing that I would continue to fuck again. Ip webcam server.