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Gently sit on her face, and she eagerly licks my ass trying to immerse my tongue as far as possible, I get up, and she asks for another sit down! I hold a candle over a naked body and drip melted wax on it, Olya wriggles like this at this time.
The action itself probably lasted at least two hours.
The last drop was the floor of a melted ice cube leaning it a couple of times against the body.
Olya twitched, shuddered, shouted and cried, and began to whimper.
By experience I was not even scared, I quickly untied it.

Trying to Olya, continuing to whimper like a child curled up in a fetal position.
And did not answer my questions.
(then I realized that this is normal and it happens).
He wrapped him in a blanket and was near, so they probably sat for half an hour, she gradually began to recover herself and asked for water, clothes.
Turn on the TV.
drank more tea with sweets, I kissed her on the forehead and said thank you.

After that, Olga stuck her lips at me and you can say I was raped, well, how much can it be done in vanilla.
Later, our meetings were regular, frequent and passionate.
Meetings were not only thematic, but just plain sex.
With her I tried a lot, we fulfilled each other’s most secret desires.
I think I was lucky that I could find it.
I apologize for my clumsy Russian, for me it has always been a difficult subject.
Do not judge strictly, I am not a writer.
Memories were written with a swoop.
Having run through the text, I was amazed at the number of letters printed 🙂
Here I am again at work.
It seems no one is chuckling behind my back, it means I didn’t do anything special then, and nobody knew what was.
Only the director, having met me in the corridor, somehow very sweetly smiled.
Now I will have a group of Seregin, what will he do? Or maybe the whole group is already in the know? Scary.

No, it feels good.
Everyone, as always, goes about their business, no one looks at me, does not whisper with neighbors.
Only Seregin gropes my eyes, trying to get under the clothes.
You can safely begin classes.
That’s all.
The group left the audience with noise and din.
Seregin comes out last.
He pauses at the door, pondering something, then turns resolutely and walks toward me.
Well, well, boy, what are you going to tell me? – Anna Sergeyevna.
– he says, stammering – you forgive me.
Well, because I’m in a disco.
it turned out that way.
Eh, I was expecting another.
Some kind of initiative on his part.
And what should I answer him? – Do not worry – finally I tell him – I’m also to blame.
It was necessary to immediately stop you, but something I relaxed, razomlela.
What are you so nervous? If you want, you can come to me after class, let’s talk.
Well, everything is said almost in plain text – I will wait for him when everyone disperses.
– Well, I will definitely come, – he says after the meaning of my words reaches him, and quickly leaves.

We sit on a pair of Sergeyevna.
Today, as always, she looks amazing.
Looking at her, I understand that now I will always be tormented by the question – are she wearing stockings or tights now? And is there any panties on it? Call
All happily run to the exit.
I lag behind.
She did not make it clear what she was thinking about me now.
Maybe come and apologize again? Then she certainly did not hear the noise.
I come back from the door and ask her forgiveness.
What? It turns out, she is not particularly angry? Suggests to come in later? Leaving the premises, I continue to wonder what this may mean, except for the most natural, but very fantastic option.
By the end of the fourth couple, I was fidgeting in my chair with impatience.
Imagination painted different things – from a severe reprimand with a detailed analysis of my moral character to outright porn.
Slipping into the door among the first, I rushed to her.

Her audience was open, but no one was inside.
These are the times – I thought – Couldn’t she deceive me like that? – Anna Sergeyevna! – called just in case.
– I’m here! – Her voice came from the small room where the study materials were kept.
– Go here! Anna Sergeyevna sat at the table and wrote something.
– Wait, I’ll finish filling out now.
After standing a minute, looking back at her bowed back and chiseled neck, not hidden by hair today, could not resist and went up, put his hands on her shoulders.
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