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In a wide grid like prostitutes, thank God, was not.
I will not describe stockings, I will pass to the main.
Lower shelf, sweaters and winter jackets.
And I would not rummage in the usual time, but now my Sherlock’s instinct worked at all 200%.
Rummaging in clothes, I stumbled upon some kind of cardboard box.

Got her, she was quite big and heavy, opened, and abruptly threw on the bed.
He sat on the floor and grabbed his head.
You would see it.
The whole box is full of various sex toys.
God, who is this woman? I already regretted that I went so suddenly.
However, curiosity and sexual interest took up.
I poured the contents of the box on the bed.
I stood like that for 10–15 minutes, looking at IT.
What there just was not.
All colors and sizes.
I will enumerate what I remember: Big black anal plug Pink panties with a vibrator inside Long black phallus, 30 cm long Glass phallus 20 cm widening butt plug, about 18 cm Red leather vibrating panties with remote control Purple vibrator with clitoral stimulation Fist for fisting (NEVE FIELD 35 cm 2 golden thick anal plugs Three-headed anal stimulator (25 cm) Several anal balls, different colors and sizes Blue ribbed vibro plug with remote control Black fisting brush (35 cm) And the masterpieces of the collection, I remember them well, two huge phallus , 35–40 centimeters, which are attached to the floor or walls.

And these are not all the toys out of the box, only what was remembered.
But the most important thing was that they were all unpacked and in appearance, we can say with confidence that they are already used.
The approximate cost of the contents of this box (as I learned later from the Internet) is 50 thousand.
Where did my mother have so much money for this stuff? She earns 8-10 thousand
per month.
She never had so much money in free use.
And she could not buy from us in the city so many sex toys.
The conclusion suggests itself: toys are ordered on the Internet (obviously not by my mother, she is not in trouble with the Internet), and also bought not for her money.
Bought by someone else for her.
As an option she wound up not a poor lover, a pervert.
What to expect from this, I am afraid even to predict.
I quickly threw them into the box and hid it back.
For 10 minutes he sat in complete oblivion, not understanding how to continue to live.
What to do with it? Why this all happens with my own mother, when it is a decent woman.
And now I find the used scumbags, a bunch of fucking gear and a box of Satan.
I was afraid to find something else.
I found nothing in the closet.
Took a look at the table.

Came up
On the seat of the chair were white spots.
Sperm stains immediately betrayed my brain.
Such spots I learned everywhere, teenage life taught.
The table was clean, without evidence.
There was nothing near the company, only stationery devices.
(Porn stories) And then my imagination remembered the picture with the tools of plumbers in my mother’s pussy.
I looked at the pens, pencils, rulers, markers, but did not touch them.
Checked the drawers.
There were various documents, folders, files, papers.
And I would not have rummaged, if from the same folder, the bottom drawer, the tip of some photo had not got out.
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