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At one of those moments, as usual, I lay down on the forge, took off my panties, and spread my legs wide apart, began to caress my hole in the hope of defusing.
I closed my eyes and began to represent my brother, his body and beautiful cock, which he nadrachivaet on my pussy, and suddenly I felt a big strong tongue that began to nalizyvat me pussy, almost all covering.
I was frightened and jumped out of bed, but I saw only Rejik standing next to me, who, wagging his tail with fun, again buried me in my crotch, trying to continue my favorite activity.
At first, I wanted to push the stupid dog away, but then, recalling the sensations, I decided to try to give Reggik my lick of pussy, maybe it would be a replacement for my hand, as a pleasant diversity.
I sat on the bed with my legs wide apart, bent their knees and spreading the labia, and started calling Redjik.

He happily rushed to me and began to lick my pussy with his wonderful tongue, completely covering it.
It was a new wonderful feeling for my pussy, who yearned for affection, and I even groaned with pleasure.
Regic had a big, strong tongue with which he licked all my pussy, I was already trembling, waiting for an orgasm, when Reg suddenly lost interest in my pussy, wagging his tail, turned away and went to the mat.

And no matter how I called him, he did not understand what I want from him.
I began frantically to figure out how to inflame the dog’s interest in my crack, I really wanted to finish and it was my plan to teach Reg to lick my pussy on command.
Quickly putting on my pajamas, I went to the kitchen, realizing that Rejik was interested in a pleasant edible smell, so that he had a desire to lick this tasty.
At first I decided to take a sausage, and then after seeing butter, I grabbed it too, rightly deciding that it would be easier to anoint pussy with oil.
Now it only remained to implement my plan.
Entering my room, I closed it on the latch so that no one would interfere with us, undressed, sat down and spread my legs bent at the knees, began to generously spread my pussy with melted butter.
At first, I thought of giving the sausage to Reggik later, as a reward for a good slime, but then, after thinking, I pinched a small piece and put it into my vaginal hole, judging that my pussy would smell more delicious for Reggik and he would want to get the sausage out of my hole .
Reggik, smelling the pleasant smell of food, perked up noticeably and walked right between my legs.
And yeah-hh! He began to lick me quickly and thoroughly, trying to get into my hole with my tongue and get a sausage from there.

But he only pushed her further, and began to actively lick my vagina, stroking with his strong tongue the walls of the entrance.
Oooh it was a great feeling.
He licked my lips, my clit, all my folds, quickly working quickly with his tireless tongue.
I was breathing hoarsely and very much excited by this sight, but continued to oil the oil in the places I needed, especially on the clitoris and small lips, and without ceasing I whispered the command “lick, lick, lick”.
Regic was very fascinated by my pussies, licked it diligently, and since I was very excited and was ready to cum, I began to look at a slice of sausage from my slits.
Karinkarin webcam model.