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I lay down and did not notice how I fell asleep.
Suddenly, suddenly, through a dream, I felt an incomprehensible rush of adrenaline in my blood and began to wake up.
At first I didn’t understand what it was, I was lying on my back and felt like my not yet erect member was gently wrapping something tender and wet.
I lifted the blanket and saw how she was tearing my friend in my mouth, I instantly stood up and I realized that she liked it.
The moon was shining through the window and it was strange that she didn’t seem to me a woman in years who literally suited me as a mother, I wanted her, she stood completely naked and I had a wild passion.

I grabbed her hips and unfolded her and put her on her knees, she put her hands on the couch and I inserted her with a sharp jerk my penis right into her cave.

She screamed so loudly that I really wanted to tear her up, she began to twitch so badly at my meeting that I literally felt like I was pushing her onto myself.
She screamed so sweetly, jerked, pinched her nipples on sagging breasts and shaking in convulsions.
I pulled my hose out of her and finished it on her ass, she rubbed sperm with her hands and licked her off her hands.
Then she turned to me and began to suck my dick, he got up after ten minutes and she turned back to me again, I didn’t think long again, thrust it into her hole and pulled it a couple of times and pulled it with all my strength in her ass, she screamed and fell from the pain to the floor, I lay on it and began to work hard on it.
She screamed like a slice and tried to throw me off, but I decided everything for myself, and suddenly I saw her put her hand between her legs and began to masturbate vigorously.

I got up and saw how my dick comes in and out of her hole.
I could not bear it anymore and after fifteen minutes of sex I finished it right in the ass, she cracked that hole in her strength and I almost lost consciousness from the buzz.
She and I loved each other all night long, and in the morning we didn’t sleep, we went to work.
For this night, I realized that she really likes anal sex, and indeed sex.
In the morning, around work, I went to a sex shop and bought lubricants.
At work we looked at the whole day and at one moment, when she went to the toilet I ran after her, so that no one could see me and before she could close the door I was with her in the booth.
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