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On this day, we looked at each other for the first time, not as enemies, but as sisters.
Whispering softly, they asked for forgiveness for everything and swore eternal love.
But it was late, we had to choose! And to whom who will get, it was not known.
Evil sorcerer, fell lot to choose the first.
Ironically, he chose a sister.

Stasik was outraged and said that he also wanted her.
I do not know what our difference was.
We were dressed equally.
With identical makeup.
Wasn, that Nastya, were critical days, and this involuntarily attracted men? The argument might have lasted a long time, did not declare the little sister that she did not like any of the suitors and did not intend to get married.
Then the sorcerer asked me if I wanted to join the bond with him.
I received an answer from me: “Grow up first!”.
A very angry dwarf immediately turned me into an inch with the words: “Look, now your husband is in height!”, And the sister of the injections, who knows how to take the spindle from him, said: “And you, sleeping beauty, will wait for your prince for a long time, while he will not come and wake you up with a kiss.

Having said that, such farewell drove back home, along with Stasik.
Nobody, however, fell asleep, and the little sister, taking me to the arms, took me to her bedroom.
We wept for a long time and apologized for hurting each other and swore eternal sisterly love, but it was too late.
The kingdom fell asleep and did not wake up.
We slept for 77 years and 77 days, until you came, you, Kostya, and did not kiss my sister.
“Why did she put me in jail?” “You smell like smoke and vodka,” was the brief answer.
– I do not smoke.
“But vodka also smells like your robe, which is not at all like a Prince’s dress.
“And how long is she going to keep me here?” “Until you refuse her.”
– I’m not going to marry her! “But you have to make a choice, curse says so, otherwise everyone will fall asleep again.”
– And who should I choose? – Choose me.
– How do you imagine it? – You will carry me in your pocket.
Feed and feed, groom and cherish, and I will give you clever advice.
– Well!

And how do you imagine our first wedding night? – No, do without sex.
– Good! Honey, Thumbelina, I agree, whether you become my wife and share with me sorrows and joys, – the arrested person for the kiss solemnly said.
“I agree,” said the little girl casually, “and now put me on the floor, I’ll go and tell you about your decision.”
Carefully crouching, the princess stalked through the gap under the door.
A few minutes later, the gates of my dungeon opened, and joyful Nastya with Lerochka in her breast pocket greeted the newly-born fiance.
Choosing from a pile of clothes a denim suit with a T-shirt, having thoroughly washed myself in the bath, I was taken by security guards in latex to the hall for celebrations.
We quickly played a wedding where I did not drink alcoholic beverages, knowing that the sisters do not like this smell.
Having stayed until the morning in the castle, for one hundred percent certainty that everything is in order and that tomorrow everything will wake up.

In the room allotted to us.
Thumbelina until the evening entertained me with a fashion show and at the end she performed a belly dance that ended with a striptease.
I greatly regretted that she was not of the same height with me or I with her.
Already here we would have come off in full! Exhausted, I was inescapable because of impossibility of satisfaction, and Lera from dances, lay down to sleep, each in his bed.
In the morning, the runners, running through the kingdom, reported that they were not sleeping, and we can leave, now already, not a sleepy kingdom.
With a backpack on my shoulders and my wife Lerochka in a special earpiece, I headed towards the lilac mountains.
For the umpteenth time, a technical college student, Borya Kamushkin, woke up in a cozy bed on a warm summer morning and was tormented by the question: “Who would have to finish?” The first thing that came to mind: cute fool Tanka Dudko.
With what a fright she ended up in a technical college, nobody knew.
“The little fool is a fool, and the conish of the cone is still that.

And who has just come up with such short skirts? ”Thought Boris, lowering his underpants.
The hand began to make monotonous slow movements.
“Damn burnt, how many times I fell line at your feet, supposedly by accident.
– Borya thought, while the movement of his hand accelerated in increment.
And now the thumb and index fingers began to get wet pretty.
“Yes Yes.
– he mentally continued to talk with Tanka.
– Your smoothly shaved pussy looked so cool from under the table when I raised the ruler.
“Mind prompted Bora that he actually never saw this very” pussy “, because Tanka, though she wore a short skirt, but to come to classes without panties.
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