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In the city I found out where the virgin resides at the slab.
And straight to her.
Knights, it turns out to be honored and respected.
Freebie to the same.
Konik my stall and an armful of hay, my table and all sorts of dishes.

I drank there, ate, my mustache did not flow, everything got into my mouth.
Mead, was strong, better vodovka, like.
Having slept off, a bit, after the bathhouse, we were sedate with the owners.
There was no way out in this situation.
Molodushka, nicknamed, Varka, darted, this way and that, the food was dragged.
– Allow me, the hosts are hospitable, with your daughter talk to one-on-one.
Parting words, give her some.
“But not for long.”
It is not good, she is alone with the guy, even with a knight.
– Do you want your daughter to remain healthy? Retreat from the customs.
Reluctantly, agreed.
Mummy, for a long time, whispered something to her.
She blushed, turned pale, nodded pretty head.
Finally, it turned out, we are with her alone in her bedroom.
– Varyusha, are you really a virgin? – Yes.
– quietly said reddened girl.
– And if by morning, I became a woman, what would have happened? – Shame, then what!

Without a husband.
Tyatya with mamma, would become bitter and kicked me out.
“So it’s better to be eaten by a dragon?” And who knows, maybe interpreter, at first the girlish innocence robs the chosen ones before the dragon’s meal.
– They say that it is.
And then you marry me? – Not.
Think yourself, how many more virgins in your city.
Can it be that you do not mind them? – Sorry.
But sorry for yourself! – Terebila handkerchief in the hands of a girl.
Realizing that she was almost broken, he moved closer to her to break the rest.
The girl resisted when, I pulled off countless clothes from her, not very much.
And I began to kiss her liquid cheeks, sugar sponges.
To crumple and iron breasts are white.
Pinching for elastic ass.
Sentencing: “Varya, surrender!” Before you shove your dick into the narrow hole, the knight decided to test her for goodness.
Varenka mine flowed like a bitch before joining.
Everything was wet-wet underwear.
– What are you, slut mom-daddy, vykobenivaeshi – said the lad, sponge feeling her pussy-tongues.
– Stubno me, oh studno, Kostya! – blushing and turning pale govor’s slut, – and let my dear sweetheart, kiss your wand to play in the towns, before the mysterious? – I allow! – prayed the lad, in my face, stroking and pinching the breasts of the little white lady, left without the protection of the sundress and many clothes, shyly lying on the floor.

Varenka grabbed my trunk with both hands and began kissing his top with such fervor and passion that all the hair on my lush little head stood in the front, trembling and vibrating in anticipation.
Tired of oral sex, we started the sacrament.
The spirit of the girl was broken.
Varyusha, a knight, gave herself away and he broke it to her, what had to be broken.
The house of hospitable hosts announced with cries of pain, joy and happiness.
But they did not break into the girls’ chambers.
And my fabulous member, at that very time, Varyuchechkina received the vagina.
In the morning, Varya showed a bloody sheet and, to the interpreter who came for the virgin who was not vicious, nothing broke off.
For the next week, he promised to appear after another virgin and left without a sour taste.
And such a booze went – cut the last cucumber.
For a week, the knight was honored to defame six virgins.
On Sunday, he decided to make a day off.
Broshins settled in a separate hut.

It turned out, I like, the harem was formed.
But the interpreter or the dragon were not quite stupid.
Having appeared, as usual on Monday, the Churkestan made a paradoxical statement.
What dragon, a virgin, Bole is not required, and he requires knights.
For what, such cases, he does not know.
Joyful people, they tied me to my fattened horse, riding a loose horse, thinking that they killed two birds with one stone, such as virgins, they would no longer have to give them away and they would get rid of the freeloader – the knight, they gave us the interpreter.
And so that, on conscience they did not drip, thrust a gag into my mouth.
Shortly, long, finally found himself a knight in a cave.
Fire-breathing dragon, turned out to be an electronic mechanical toy in an enlarged form.
It was controlled, apparently, from within by a one-eyed dwarf.
A few half-naked girls with shouts of joy, met their master.
Untied from the horse, but with their hands and legs tied, they took away along winding passages and, throwing a camera into the hay, they closed the door.

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