Free british sex cams. I contacted her – a woman serving at the same time to two opposing gods and several manipulations that gave me to them in the ministry.
“Good luck from bad luck, bad luck from good luck”: I will have a well-paid job, but I’m a hangman, a lot of friends, but out of fear, there’s a woman, but she’s tiefling, and she’s still a teenager.
– Yes, probably, you are right – having reconciled, I agreed.
– That’s great.
Good boy.
Tonight you should definitely come to the “Bored Prince”, the whole high society of the city will gather there.

People should see that the city now has a hangman.
Show them yourself.
And do not forget to take the assistant, let him also get used to the “glory”.
“I’m ready,” Ross happily notified us, holding the bundle in her hand.
“Great,” said Morna, “you can go.”
– Where? – I asked.
– Surprise! Rossi will show you – answered Morna – Go, there is not much time left, and you need to prepare.
See you tonight.
Rossa kissed her mistress goodbye and we headed for the exit.
– Wait a moment, I almost forgot – the teacher responded when we were already at the door.

She came up and handed me a black bundle, saying that it was a gift, but I had to pay for the rest.
When asked what this means, she replied that Ross knows what it is about.
We left.
Surprised by passers-by caught the whole way, some of whom were probably academy students and saw and remembered the events of three weeks ago, and some, like crowds of soldiers, just admired the country for them with a picture: two orphans walk along the road and with horns with a bundle in his hand, another with an ax, and all in a ragged.
They walked in silence, nothing from each other, without asking, remembering that night, although she could simply be afraid to ask her new owner a question she didn’t like.
Soon came to a large three-story luxury house, which was in very poor condition.
I was not surprised! Surprisingly, according to Rossi, I still need to pay for this barn while we live on the ground floor.
And the first floor of this house.
there was that same torture chamber.
Interesting! – Brothel! – I exclaimed, being inside.

The camera was turned into a bedroom.
The stone floors and walls were painted red, at the end of the room they put a large double bed for four people, the table was left in place, a small closet appeared, but without doors.
They left only the chandelier on the unpainted ceiling, apparently did not reach, and the shackles in the floor in the middle of the room, apparently as a souvenir.
“It’s all madam,” said Rossa, laying her bundle on the bed. “You don’t like the master?” – Like – I said, without showing any emotion.
Rossa unwrapped the bundle and began to fold things out of it onto the bed: a black long mantle of the same color: hood, shirt and pants, Kelemvor medallion, 300 gold coins and a small piece of paper — Morna’s bill for all the “amenities”: clothing, house, slave ?!
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