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I remove the stocking from your penis, it is all soiled and drained, and you did not obey me.
In your eyes, I see that you are ready for punishment if it gives the same sweet sensations as from this capron blowjob.
I still hold my soiled stocking in my hands, and now I find another application for him, I pass it through your neck, I sit more comfortably on your chest, it is already hard for you to breathe, but now you will be even harder, I strongly tighten the stocking at you are on your neck and pulling in different directions, you are twitching and writhing under me, there is not enough air, I loosen my grip, but for a second, now again strong suffocation and a little rest, and I think you cannot even count so many times without air you are in a certain euphoria, and I see that your members She stood up again.
I sit on your dick and just sit, do not move, and again pull the stocking to the side, you yourself begin to wriggle under me, my feelings at this moment resemble a runaway wild horse, you raise your hips up so high that I try not to fall, but your cock in me keeps me tight on you, he filled me inside completely.

After a few more strong chokes, we will end up together, I will also help you with your hips and move towards your rhythm.

And here is the last spurt in the sides of the stocking on your neck, I finish and I feel that you, too, you breathe so hard, you are exhausted, and I like to look at you like that, I have just had your life in my hands.
We sleep in the same bed.
you sleep in my legs as usual.
clinging to them.
I wake up earlier.
With the usual movement of the heel, I begin to rub your face.
you wake up
lick it a little bit to me, making it clear that you are awake and you rise by habit and suck on my morning riser.
you are as always gentle and gorgeous in this matter.
you swallow all the sperm and lick the dick on clean.
I pull you off with my foot and get up.
We go to the toilet.
we are naked.
but as always after the night.
you are my bedding.
so you walk beside me on all fours, it turns out much slower than I walk, so I take you by the hair and drag you along.

it hurts you
but you endure We have come.
you raise the seat, take my dick in your hand and send it to the toilet.
I ssu long, because all night fucked you, my faithful fuck.
Finally, I finished, you send the dick to your mouth, shake the last droplets there and suck it up so that it becomes clean again. We go to the bathroom, you get in the shower and wash your fucking body, while I wash, shave and brush my teeth, then I climb under the shower.
Your hands and your tongue are my washcloths.
you wash my whole body with them, lick it.
every centimeter.
even ass.
I allow you to lick it and get a little tongue there.
I like it.
Then, I put you on cancer and I fuck you.
just out of habit.
To tear your ass under the morning shower is like brushing my teeth.
I finish, of course, in your mouth, you lick the dick to clean and also lick the eggs.
Then we leave the bathroom, you wipe me with a towel and put a robe on me.
We go to the kitchen, I turn on the telly and watch the news, while you are preparing breakfast.

Then feed me out of your hands.
and food that you accidentally smear on your mouth, you lick yourself, with your tongue, so you are specially inaccurate to lick my face more times.
I have eaten everything, give you a slap in the face (just like that, because you are my property) and go to dress.
I got dressed, went out into the hallway, I thought to give you one more time in my mouth, but in the morning I had already finished several times and was afraid that the blowjob would stretch and I would be late for work.
I order you to come to me, put a collar on you, fasten you in the hallway, tie your hands behind your back so that you cannot masturbate in my absence and put a bowl of dog food in front of you, well, you are my faithful bitch, so you eat for bitches.
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