Bc highway webcams. Our morning fellow! How are you?” “Yes, in general, fuck it!” “By the way, you are not an Mordovian hour? I said, as if, fuck off!” “And what, Mordovans are scratching their faces?” “Yes, no, Mordovians beat their faces! For us, the Mordovians are too proud, They do not smoke and do not drink.
And we – such raspizdyi! We drink vodka and fuck beat! We walked nicely now! You want, and you pour? “” And, damn! And I would drink a glass! “” Well done! Blow off your steam! We will find a mermaid for you, Ida to the nearest disco-bar! “And the four of us, holding the shoulders, Above the evening Moscow, They go half-embracing, Along the Kuzminskaya pavement.
3 Ah, the one who remembers disco-bars, Where for three rubles there was an entrance, Where slut flowed, I am sure that I will understand.
They come here to come off, They come here to sit, They come here to come together, They come here to play around.
Oh, how many fights and how many weddings Discoballs aroused! Children conceived in the palisade Under the alcohol fumes! You come in – twilight meets, And a dance marathon; At the bar – the bartender does not get bored, he mixes up cocktails.
Crazy strobe flashes. The movements turn into a frame, Then, pulling out someone’s ass, That hayer is the color of salamanders.

Cocktail, pulsation flashers, Running light, noise, clatter, shout, Snow light from the DSLR balls, Columns of enraged roar.
Suddenly silence for a moment came, Sam broke away from the wine, The door opened the disco hall, And she entered the twilight! 4 “Hey, boys! Look at Sam! As he tensed, sobered up.
Fucked up, what a change! Sam, have you been sick for an hour? Or is the cocktail not very tasty Barman mixed this time? Or is Mouzon some kind of sad? Or did you see a mermaid? So you tell me, what a betrayal In your head sped? “” Yes, boys, this topic: Already a year, itching for me! I am ardently burning with passion, I desire secret trembling, But I don’t dare to meet you, That’s what I’m sad about! “” Well, you give! Skromnyaga simple.
There she is, at the table – is she? Sam! Your life is absolutely unbearable! Consider, she is invited! “Then” Hallelujah! “Sounded, the girl instantly began to dance.
Oh, how captivating, dancing, She led the guys into ecstasy.
The guys, leaving the table, Started into a dance after her, And, imperceptibly approaching, Caught the look of her eyes.
And now she is in the circle.
“Hi!” suddenly said one, “We are here with the guys in the trouble, And we are looking at you with might and main.

With your bearing of the queen You are sunk into our soul immediately, With your grace of Venus: I am Nikolai. ”
“Then I am Alla!” The girl flashed her eyes merrily, splashing at the guys.
And Sam’s heart pricked, He was beside her.
“Here is Igor,” Kohl poured out, “Here is Romka.
Well, this is Sam. ”
Sam wiggled in Hallelujah, Hearing nothing at all.
“You can?” “Yes,” she said, weaving a curtsy.
As the heart pounded furiously, When Sam and Alla went to dance.
Oh, how many tenderness in the arms, Squeezing her flexible camp, Catching her warmth through the dress, Sam danced like an idol.
“Relax,” Alla whispered, And Sam swam through the music Beyond the cloud covers, Far blue soar.
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