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That, in other matters, did not prevent her from winning.
– Well, perverts, have fun? – She asked predatory, looking around us – the first desire – today I am the main one and I am in charge of the whole further process.
The second desire – all march wash priests.
From the inside.
To purity.

Take turns.
Vital – a toy, too, wash and return to the ass.
The third desire will be voiced by everyone, individually and a little later.
With the right to refuse.
We took turns in the bathroom and took the cleansing enemas.
The soundtrack, of course, something else – but clean.
Masha helped Romka, for whom this was the first time.
Finally we gathered in the bedroom.
The cat has already found the strap-on and fastened it.
Sitting on the sofa, she beckoned Masha to her place: – Girls – sit and enjoy the spectacle.
Boys entertain them.
Masha on the move picked up the camera, turned it on and pointed it at us.
Roma, his eyes shining with excitement and half-open lips, turned to me.

I slid my hands over his body, but he grabbed them and took them to the sides, deciding to fight.
I stepped towards him, twisting the brushes out of the grip, forced me to lose my balance with a blow to the body and, in turn, by grabbing his hand, twisted my arm, forcing him to kneel down.
“Ay,” said Roma with pain.
I let go of his hand and ran my fingers through his hair, shaking his cock in front of his lips.
He lightly kissed the head, then licked, slashing his tongue over the bridle.
I moved the pelvis forward, pushing the penis into the open mouth.
Rum squeezed his lips into a ring and strained his tongue.
I fucked him in the mouth with sweeping movements, putting my head on the penis with my hands.
Then he jerked to his feet and clutched at his lips with a kiss.
Roma put his arm around my neck, and jumped on me, wrapping his legs around his waist.
He wriggled his whole body, hanging on me, and slid his buttocks on the head of the resisting member.

“Help them,” I heard Cat’s voice from the side, and I felt Masha’s deft fingers on my penis, richly lubricating him with gel.
Then they grabbed him and sent an omin to the romins.
Roma sighed and, slowly, began to sit down on his penis.
His tight ass does not let me in the first few times – a member just slipped by.
Tired of these attempts, I reached the table with him and lowered Roma with my back on the tabletop.
Again, put a member to the entrance, and in one continuous movement drove the entire length.
– Aah.
– Roma jerked and tried to crawl away, but I held him tight, not moving.
When he relaxed, I began to move my pelvis, feeling how the cork jerked in my ass and vibrated.
The world was smeared into color stripes, I roared the member into Romka with a growl, punching the head with weak resistance of the anus muscles – and completely took it out in the opposite direction, feeling the orgasm ripening in the prostate.
The cork vibrated to the fullest and it was the last straw – with a snarl I lowered all the gathered seed into Romkin’s ass.

He has not finished yet, but his cock twitched in a silent prayer, with a droplet speaking.
I grabbed this process in my fist and pulled it a couple of times.
The ejected jet splashed on his stomach, about the shrinking ass grabbed my dick with such force as if she was going to tear it nafig.
– Well done, – The cat was excited to such an extent that she swallowed the endings of the words, – Masha – on the table, guys – you make her a double cock.
Cork, meanwhile, continued to vibrate – and a new wave of excitement rolled on me.
Romka and I settled between Masha’s legs, caressing her and alternately kissing each other.
During one of these kisses, Romka froze and leaned back.
Turning around, I saw a Cat, who was pushing him onto a strapon – but then Masha, unhappy with the lack of caresses, pulled my face to me.
I caressed her, feeling Roma practically shaking on my back.
When Masha had already begun to cut her hips, preparing for an orgasm, I felt cool thin fingers on my ass, pulling the cork out.

Hot flesh pressed against the anus.
– Mmmm.
How tempting, – the Cat cooed from somewhere behind, – let’s quietly, I want to enjoy the moment.
Unimaginably slowly, Roma introduced his penis into me.
I squeezed my ass, clasping it as tightly as possible, and continued to caress, quickly touching the very tip of the pea clit tongue.
Masha finished violently, pushing me aside when I tried to continue, despite her orgasm.
“I want to see too,” she said jealously, catching her breath.
I turned my head and saw the Cat sitting on the side of Romka, who was fucking me and breathing excitedly, opening her mouth.
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