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Recharging the SIM card in the machine, Otto called them into the living room.
And they went there, never taking their eyes off each other, intoxicated by their closeness.
Zhanna readily exhibited her charms, but only to Anton, not the photographer.
And he had to constantly move, being behind the back of the girl’s father, in order to capture the very best in the frame.
They did not print the photographs.

Anyway, there was no place to hang them up, but I just didn’t want to hide in the apartment.
According to this, they decided to be satisfied with the photographs of Catherine, which Otto presented to them as a gift.
The sight of a naked girl, who passionately masturbates herself with an impressive dildo, really excited Anton and Zhanna, and made them recall the embarrassment in which they were all three.
Sometimes the daughter rolled up to Anton with all sorts of tricks.
why didn’t he fuck Katerina that day, and would he not call her this time for hanging out?

Anton argued that he was missing his baby and that she alone got rid of him until he was completely insensitive.
He grabbed his daughter in his arms and dumped him on the sofa, where they happily fumbled to exhaustion.
And only occasionally, when they were alone again, Jeanne sat on his knees to Anton, and they looked at themselves on the monitor screen as Otto had captured them.
Chapter 29
New “work” and pay for it.
It was eleven o’clock, when the Master, waving a sharp iron pointer, entered the room.
Naked elderly woman washed the floor.
Man, evil grinned, looking at his mother.
On her saggy breasts hung flasks pulling dark nipples, the navel pulled out a larger flask, on the clitoris also hung a flask, increasing it.
The old woman moved around the room in small, crunchy steps.
Two thin belts disappeared in the folds of the skin on her full thighs, clamps stretching her small lips were attached to them.
When the woman approached the bucket to wet the rag, she screamed.

The sadist pricked his mother with a pointer in his hand.
– Stand still, creature! – The elderly woman froze in place, lowering her eyes.
With a grin, enjoying the power over his mother, the sadist began to lead a pointer over her full body.
From time to time, he stabbed with a pointer, the white, supple flesh of his victim.
The woman shuddered in pain and moaned softly.
Pointer rested in her chest.
– Remind me, whore, what day is it today? – Yes, Master.
Today, Master, I, the old battered lustful beast, must work.
– An hour later, bitch, a car will come for you.
In the meantime, you can remove the “flasks”, the creature, and undermine.
Free, whore.
An hour later, the doorbell rang.
Accompanying, having fastened the occasion to the collar of the dressed old woman, took her passport and led her out of the apartment and started the elevator.
The car stopped.
Unfastening the slave, from the ring in the floor, the attendant, pulling the occasion, led her to the door of a small wooden house.

The man called.
– Who’s there? – This is a delivery.
The door opened and the man entered, leading the slave behind him.
They were in a small hallway.
– Let the whore get naked and put on a mask! – The elderly woman obediently executed the order.
– After how much to take the “goods”? – We think in two hours.
– Good.
– The door for a man closed.
Occasion stretched and, seeing nothing the old woman was taken.
The stairs, an elderly woman led to the basement.
She flinched as the hatch closed over her head.
– Stop, bitch! – The man’s finger pressed the old woman hard on her lips, and she obediently opened her mouth.
– Shire open, the creature! – Slave recoiled, at the same moment, the other hand lay on her head.
“Look at these tits,” the sadist squeezed his fingers, lifting the saggy chest of an old woman in her palm.
In pain, an elderly woman doubled over and groaned.
– Well, enough preludes.
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