Trusiki solo webcam. At the same time and congratulations! – Well, okay, but not for long, otherwise they are waiting for me.
Lena agreed not to go for a long time and together they went to visit Eugene, walked a couple of blocks and Lena saw a courtyard that she knew.
We went into the apartment, in which, however, as she noticed, nothing had changed.
Pretty good repair, so stayed that way.
They went into the living room which contained some furniture.
There was only a cozy sofa, a coffee table, a TV and a small headset.

Without losing time, the guys offered the birthday girl to be placed on the couch, got rum and Coke and quickly mixed cocktails.
The birthday girl was congratulated, drank pretty quickly, all the toasts sounded in her honor.
Lena and out of the corner of her eye noticed that she was poured more rum than all, but did not give it any meaning.
Alcohol on the wife, well and as it acts on many girls – very liberated.

When Helen is drunk, she is not responsible for her actions.
The guys were sitting near, and the birthday girl was in the middle.
The guys praised her appearance, Zhenya began to praise her legs and put her hand on her knee and began to stroke his wife’s legs, saying another toast.
She did not betray this value.
Then he stretched his hand higher, unbuttoning his jeans, and began massaging her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation.
Lena is not resisting a shudder.
After all, everyone knew how it all ends.
(Porn tales) When a girl goes to drink with two guys, there can be no other way.
She clung to his lips, took his hand and began to passionately massage her wet pussy.
Zhenya shoved her with a passionate kiss, running his second hand under her T-shirt, massaging her breasts.
Stepan without losing time began to wear jeans with her.
The guys took off T-shirt from Lena.
Zhenya began to lick her breasts, which were covered with goosebumps and elastic nipples.

Taking off his jeans with Lena, Stepan saw her panties already wet from overexcitation.
Slowly pulling off his panties from Helen, he plunged into her, poking around and wielding his tongue.
She moaned with bliss.
– Oh yes, higher, faster, tongue.
Lena put her hands on Stepan’s head and pressed him to plunge more into her wet pussy.
The bitch was running out so that the whole face of Stepan was already in her grease.
Members of the guys were already up to the limit.
Zhenya took out his resilient member from his pants and took Lena by the head, said: – Suck a bitch.
The bitch fell on his cock and now she is sucking passionately sucking his cock.
Stepan at that time was working on her pussy tongue and he did it well.
After 5 minutes, Lena had finished, swallowing Eugene’s member deeper and deeper.
The boys put their spouse with cancer, and Stepan put his big cock in her lustful hole.

The bitch began to moan, saying: – Yes, yes, yes deeper, fuck me! Eugene inserted his dick into her mouth, took both his head and literally began to fuck his wife in his mouth.
She was moaning from the buzz, and tears and smeared cosmetics were running down her face.
Then the guys decided to change, putting Lena back on the coffee table, so that on one side her head hung a little.
Now Zhenya put his cock in her juicy hole, and Stepan began to fuck her in the mouth.
The second guy stepped up the pace and fucked her even harder, with each entry issued a loud squish.
And the bitch shouted: – Yes, do not stop continue, quickly, fuck me.
My hole wants mm.
And Lena, from arousal, became even more passionately sucking Stepan’s dick, from such bliss he could not resist and ended up right in her mouth, taking her by the head.
Sperm turned out to be a lot, Helen swallowed one portion of semen, and the rest spat on her face and hair.

She continued to suck, and Dima kept pace.
The phone was breaking at that time.
The husband called.
Lena calculated that the call was repeated 10 times no less.
Finally the guys decided to change their position.
Dima lay back, Lena lay on top and she herself shoved his dick into her little girl.
Stepan settled down from behind smeared her ass with saliva and began to introduce his big cock into her wet, pinkish anus.
– No, I didn’t wash it.
Lena moaned.
But the guys didn’t care.
A member of Stepan entered her anus quite easily, since his wife loved anal sex and often practiced with her husband.
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