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Immediately hit the second jet, the third.
The girl swallowed hot dragon sperm.
There was a tart and slimy taste in his mouth, a bit astringent.
It was the taste of his sperm and Naoute liked it.
When finished, they looked into each other’s eyes.

Her eyes were full of lustful satisfaction and adoration.
She liked the male, wanted to surrender to him again and again – it seemed madness seized her.
Ray looked at the girl and decided the question of her life and death.
On the one hand, she would be in love with a boy.
On the other – she liked sex with him.
Ray needed a constant partner, ready to satisfy his lust.
A young man for treason girls and for the fact that the dragon raped her in front of him.
For this guy will pass them.
So you have to kill him.
Will the girl stand it? Ray decided to check it out first.
Hafiz was very painful.
His heart broke off the girl’s treason.
With what pleasure she sucked the cock of a dragon, licked his scrotum – everything filled the heart with sorrow and pain, and her mouth tasted with bile.
There was a lump in my throat.
From what he saw occurred involuntary ejaculation.
And now his underwear was wet from his sperm.
The testes were sick from the abundance of sperm in them, it was given even a pain in the bladder.

When Nauta finished blowjob the abuser, he approached the young man.
He moved on his hind legs and his phallus swayed in time with the movements.
The young man reclined, leaning on the statue.
The dragon lay down, pawed Hafiz’s legs, and placed his head between his legs.
The muzzle of the beast slyly grinned.
The youth stared at the dragon in dismay.
The smell of the boy’s sperm was in the air, and saliva was accumulating in the dragon’s mouth.
Rey often sucked his dick, when from a lack of sex, he started to climb on the wall.
And he liked it.
The paws of the beast stretched forward and pulled the boy’s snow-white underwear with a wet spot.
The impressive size of the penis of a young man.
Hairless, naked head alela from poured blood, the skin of the prepuce was collected in small folds on the trunk of the penis.
The eggs were pulled, the scrotum was in numerous small wrinkles and folds.
The penis was smeared with thick whitish with a yellowish tinge of sperm.
The narrow long tongue of the dragon reached forward and clasped the trunk of the penis.
He squeezed, then twisted around the member and gently squeezed, slid off, licking the young man’s sperm.
He lowered his head closer and picked up the head of his penis with velvet lips.

I took it entirely and sucked a little.
Releasing the penis from his mouth, Rei became his tongue to lick the boy’s eggs.
First, the lips grabbed the scrotum, then the scissors took his eggs, swallowed the scrotum completely.
The tongue moved back and forth between the testes, caressing them with a soft, slightly rough tongue, like a cat’s.
And sharply closed his jaws, biting off the sexual dignity of the boy.
Blood splattered into his mouth.
Hafiz shouted from terrible pain and twitched in magical fetters, pouring blood on the marble pedestal of the statue.
Rei saw the girl petrify.
Her gaze stopped.
A dragon was approaching it with gusto, crunching, chewing on the beloved’s eggs.
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