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Immediately from what I saw, my heart pounded so much that I almost fainted – the naked grandmother Seraphim stood to her full height in the bathroom with her back to me in the shower.
It was something! I saw a plump well-built lady, 56 years old, about 160 cm tall, shoulders at the hips, ass and thighs – with pleasant signs of cellulite.
Her hands were raised and closed at the back of her head, so on her right and left, even from her back, she could see dangling 5 sizes hanging dangling from the navel.
The noble gray hair of her hair was braided in two braids and pins gathered on her head in a hairstyle, which can now be seen from one well-known politician.
Water shower flowed through her body.

I got up, despite the preschool age, my breath stopped.
Then suddenly the grandmother pulled the pins out of her hair, and almost completely the gray-haired heavy mass of hair fell down, covering her back to the waist.
If I was a little older, then from such a spectacle I would definitely immediately pour the sperm onto the floor, but then there was simply nothing left – so I just trembled like a sick man.

Chapter 5 After my mother’s return from the sanatorium, my grandmother left, and there was a break in the memories until I turned 13 years old.
Now we already lived with our grandmother in one city, and she didn’t even need to come – our apartments were in neighboring houses.
But she had a little one, and we had a great one, and our grandmother actually lived, because her father was on business trips in other cities for a long time, and my mother apparently was afraid that he was beaten off and often went to him (apparently, to take off he has sexual tension) and spent a week or two with him.
Being left to myself, I daily, on several occasions, masturbate.
The first time I delayed about 12 years, during the illness.
From idleness, I read a lot and lying in bed, I felt at the same sexual tension.
My dick was constantly poured with blood, from this was very nice.
I remember, I watched a magazine and saw an ordinary photo of a female athlete in a bathing suit – that was enough for me to experience rapid ejaculation, with a violent orgasm.

The sperm was incredibly thick and there was so much of it that I was even confused and did not know what to wipe it with — I wiped the sheet, which then dried up, as if it had been smeared with glue.
Somewhat later, at 13-14, I gradually began to pay attention to my grandmother, like a woman.
For the first time this happened when I had been masturbating for about half a year remembering my schoolteachers, during my illness, when I was at home in bed with temerature.
I closed my eyes, recalled my favorite teachers, and desperately missed them.
From the memories of the member strained to the limit.
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