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You got out of bed, I watched your actions without stirring, threw off a fur coat, a topic.
How invitingly your breasts jumped out of the topic.
and climbed into her purse.
She took out a grease and a small size dildo for her butt.
I returned to my purse again and took a strapon from there.

Wow what he is huge.
(One Russian lesbian looked in on a visit to another and raced sex games – approx.
) You turned me on the stomach and fell to my hole, actively developing her tongue.
She reached for the grease and squeezed it right onto the sphinker.
Your tongue was replaced by a finger, which with ease on lubrication fell into my ass, after a while making reciprocating movements, he expanded the hole so much that 2 fingers had already climbed there.
After some time, they added a third.
I already groaned in the throat and helped myself with a pen, the fingers of which with a furious speed tormented the clitoris.
Well, you pulled away and instead of fingers something much more sensitive rested against my hole.
A little resistance, my not strong cry, and he inside me, moving with ever greater amplitude, hammer me in the ass.
You pressed the coveted button on it and it began to vibrate itself, giving me indescribable delight.

Turning me onto my back so that I could see better what you do, you fastened a strapon on yourself, adjusted the straps and fitted it to my pussy.
And almost immediately, without preparation, she entered me to the full depth.
I screamed how completely he filled me up, practically having rested in the womb and stuck your nails in the back.
You roared with passion and began to hammer at me with all the power that you were capable of.
I was just bursting with ecstasy, from these two magnificent guns that were tearing at my two holes.
I felt like they were touching and rubbing vibrating through a thin partition.
From me flowed with such force that the strap-on plunging into me squished.
Watching me, you got so excited that you took hold of your breasts and began to knead them, pinching nipples and moaning heavily.
When you finished, and this coincided with us, you threw me so hard, and I arched up so much and raised my hips that the straps holding the strapon on you broke and you fell on me already having lost my tool.
I clung to your hot pussy and began to actively lick her, already flowing and shiny from the juices.
And so the growling lasted for quite a long time, until we fell asleep tired and satisfied with each other.

This sweet word – “Master”, How much does it mean to me! In it and the tenderness of care, And the fear of punishment, And the confidence of every day.
This thirst – to be just a slave. It makes the whole body tremble From fear, shame, From longing and despondency, From the desire to belong.
Only to cope with it does not come out, How can you call her? This thirst is worse than the languor of the flesh And sometimes stronger than love.
It is useless to be silent and hide, It is useless to search and suffer, And to get lost in the crowd, And to look into the faces – It is impossible to guess it.
Often I, in the solitude of crying, called my Lord.
This is just fate, This is just luck, That I met him!
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