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I understood everything (I said quietly, without raising my head) So that’s wonderful (the athlete grinned).
Let’s start with a blowjob.
He flicked the belt shutter on his jeans and stretched his fly and pulled out his slightly limp member.
Shaking them a little, he ordered with a predatory gaze: Come on baby, start.
For the first time I saw someone else’s naked member.

He was darker than mine, and the scrotum peeking out from under his jeans seemed wrinkled.
“Am I really going to do this? Will I suck my dick? ”Approaching the athlete closely, I hesitantly squatted down.
Stand on my knees, dear child, be obedient (the voice of an athlete rang out from above) I obeyed and changed position.
My knees unpleasantly rested on the hard roof of the garage, but I tried not to pay attention to anything, looking only at the member that spoke right in front of my face.
Suddenly, the athlete took him in his hand and began to peck him up slightly.
Then, with his second hand, he took my chin, gently opening my mouth with his fingers, and then suddenly inserted his penis into it. Hot girl webcam dance.