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But he was not impudent and went, reminded her of the wedding acquaintance and business card (she had already lost her), and out of gratitude she went to trust him.
For 2 weeks of acquaintance, Milan got used to Ruslan, who was first called to you, then going to you.
She was shy and afraid of him, although she was flattered by the courting of a serious man, and his solidity, self-sufficiency and self-confidence made their relationship simple: they were dictated by him.
They walked, dined in restaurants, every evening he took her to the hostel, and soon they called up again.
He talked a little about himself, she was more, although she was not talkative.

The town is a few hours away, poor parents, love of dancing from childhood, dreams of own collective, study – these are the stages of her short life.
His life was much richer, it had a lot of things, but there was no trace of art, so he gave out information about himself in a strictly metered manner.
She refused to accept gifts from him and go to the shops, so he asked for help before his birthday.
Marina, she got something.
On Milana’s birthday, he congratulated her on the phone in the morning.
When the residents of the hostel gathered in a room at a modest student table with beer and soda, the driver Ruslana came in with a cake and a box with a bow.
After waiting for about 15 minutes outside the door, while the girls enthusiastically examined and sifted through bags of fashionable clothes Milan, the driver again went in and took the girl away, saying that they were waiting for her. Arab sex in hidden cam.