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She spread her legs and I saw that she was not wearing panties, her cunt was thickly covered with hair.
She began to piss on me.
There was the impression that she had not pissed off since yesterday, she had such a powerful, fetid flow when he finished, she said: “Send me a bitch.
“I was sitting all pissed in indecisiveness, I did in my life once at school in the 8th grade of a high school girl who was jealous of the fact that I had big tits and that evening attacked me and I licked them one by one, but they were young clean girls, and then the cunt of a forty year old aunt.
I recoiled, but the chief painfully pinched my nipple and I began to lick.

Cunt was smelly and sour.
I caught the taste of sperm from her vagina, Irinin clit swelled and became very large, she moaned, I licked more and more intensely she twisted her hips and finally finished stormy applause.

I did not have time to wipe my face from her discharge, as she fartily and loudly smelly.
“Something I have constipation today,” she said, “won’t you help me?” Let me stick my ass in the ass.
“I blew my finger and put it in her anus, her ass opened easily and I felt a piece of shit inside her.
“Take out your finger and lick it well.
“I did it with horror, then again and again.
I put my finger in her ass, pulled him all in a shit, licked it and put it in again.
Irina was straining, people around us were watching us intensely, at last the shit began to fall out of her asshole, my hands were all in the shit piece by piece.
“Now lick your chocolate fingers.
“I, overcoming nausea, began to lick off this bitter goo from my hands.
“Now clean my ass with your tongue.
“Someone directed my head to the Irinus anus.

I turned around and saw Tygren.
I began to lick.
The stench of shit and pissing mixed up, I was sick.
“Alexander Vladimirovich, I’m going to throw up now,” I moaned.
Irina immediately bounced off, but in front of me stood naked Tigren.
I was dizzy, I already had a bad idea. I had a member poured with blood, he shoved it into my mouth and began to fuck my very throat.
I tried to restrain the gagging urge, but it didn’t work out for me, I began to vomit straight at myself and at Tigren.
Finally they were at the hotel.
Oksana was impatient to enter him more quickly, but she did not want to lose contact with Victor, only now remembering that she did not leave him any coordinates for communication at the resort, and does not know his number.
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