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Do you use the fact that you are a count and are afraid to touch your finger? I promise, as soon as I start working in the security department, I will stop your lawlessness! – Leon started to get angry.
Don’t worry, Leo.
– Pamir stretched.
– By the time you get such authority, I may be older.
And what is your lawlessness? – Al was curious.

Nothing special, I just love to relax and unwind.
And old Leo, insists that I go to work.
Don’t you want to? What for? – Raised eyebrows Pamir.
– Money and without that hens do not peck.
So live and bastard.
Do not you think so? Not.
– Honestly answered Al.
Where will you go? – Leon instantly turned his attention to Al.
In the council.
Leon nodded in satisfaction and pulled the woman who had come with him to him.
She complied, but disgust peeped in her eyes.

Roughly kissing his thing, Leon turned his hard look at Black.
I respect you.
At such times, the council is not easy to work.
Yes, even with these earthlings do not know what to do.
Drowned everyone, and there were no problems b.
Yes, at the same time and let the fighters for their freedom throw into the sea, and then they got into the habit of attacking mines.
Just think that there is such garbage among the Elsians, it becomes sickening.
Sharing those who are hacked.
What do you think of the raiders? – El asked delicately at the Pamir.
While they don’t touch me, I don’t care about them.
And if touched, what will you do? – smiled at Al.
– grunted Leo.
– Absolutely zero possession of the sword from him.
And all the other skills are also zero, except for money and phenomenal clumsiness.

The Pamirs grinned, and Leon continued: He was recently dropped from our institute from some more prestigious one.
He did not even remember his name, because he did not appear in it.
Yes, and got to the best ball just because I found someone to give money.
So what? – Pamir finished his glass and threw it over his shoulder: she, of course, broke.
– I do not want to learn, and I do not want to work.
The rest is full.
Of course, we can still argue, but maybe we’d better go down, plunge into the pool? Neither Leon nor El objected.
The Pamirs immediately turned around, but did it extremely badly, knocking down some drunken bogey.
Webcam with microphone for skype.