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Then, embracing and caressing each other, we continued this unpleasant conversation for us.
Lesha kissed my testicles, licked his penis from sperm and said: “Antosh, I have long wanted to tell you that I am drawn to women, there is something in them that is not in us, maybe they feel deeper than we can that is what always turns me on when I look at the girl I like.
Only the holes in them are of ridiculous depth, all the time I’m afraid to break.
He smiled.
– Lesha, tell me, do you have anybody now? He hesitated for a second and then said: – There is one lady of respectable age, only I can immerse her eld almost to her root, by the way, she will come to me tomorrow.

Then I completely curled up: – And what about me, Leshenka? I will do something, Kirill fuck, you too, and how am I? I almost had no tears.
Then Alexey stroked my ass and said: “Well, if you want, I will drive her away, but you are my favorite little man and I don’t want to lose you.”
“But I love you too, and since you called her, it means you need to, our secret life cannot last forever.”
– You know what, I thought up, you also need to form in this plan, so tomorrow I will hide you here somewhere and you will see everything, agree? Webcam solo girl.