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Fearing that now mom will see and understand everything, I fell into a stupor and did not have time to figure out what to argue with her.
And my mother pulled the gymnast with me.
I slightly bent down and with my hand tucked into my pocket, I turned the member, pressing it against my stomach.
Mom didn’t notice anything.
“How muscular you have become!” she said, looking admiringly at me.

– We have physical training every day.
Mom ran a hand over my shoulders, arms.
– Great! Just like a movie hero any.
I smiled.
– And the wet is all! – Mom looked at her hand, which also became wet from sweat.
– And why didn’t you want to undress? I’ve taken my shirt off, but it’s still unbearably hot.
I guess I’ll take off my skirt too, if you don’t mind.
Naturally, I did not mind.
Mom got up, took off her skirt and hung it on the back of the bed, remaining in panties and in a bra.
For her, this was nothing unusual – at home she always walked like that on hot days.
Yes, and on the beach, I also often saw her in such a dress.
But now it increased my excitement even more.
The member turned and stood a mound in trousers.
I bent over so that my mother did not notice this.
She got worried: – Do you have a stomach ache? I see you become some kind of tense.
Mom gently took me by the shoulders and straightened.
I blushed deeply.
Mom’s gaze, not reaching my belly, stopped at a huge elevation on my pants.
Mom said: – Oh, that’s it.
And turned away.
Her cheeks, too, poured blush.
I was afraid that she would be offended, and made an awkward attempt to calm her down: – Mom, please don’t be offended! Small penis humiliation webcam.