Bongacams 2018.
They will have a girl with a dick, or a boy with a vagina.
And if there is a normal child, how will they explain Olesya’s fatherhood? And what about Sveta’s parents? For a trip home, I called Shurochka.
Vika led me to the car naked for the pussy.
I sat in front, and Shurachka immediately took my dick in her hand.
– Hello! – Hello! – Having fun? – There is a little bit.

– And I have news for you.
– Good or bad? – I do not know.
Lana wants to see you! – What for? – Play chess! – But seriously.
“But seriously, I don’t know.”
I am a driver.
Very rarely participate in Lera games.
I don’t know anything about Lana.
I just lead and bring people from her.
– Clear.
When? – Tomorrow is late afternoon.
I’ll pick you up.
“What is Lana’s name?” – Short for Svetlana.
We drove to my house.
Shura hand brought me to orgasm.
She licked my cum from her palm, and then, putting me down, spat into my mouth.
On this we parted.

I naked out of the car and entered the doorway.
And if I do not walk? I got dressed and went through the streets.
There were a lot of thoughts in my head.
I was very interested in the behavior of Shurochka.
Before, I was just licking cum from her hands, legs, shoes, or chairs.
And then by mouth.
She wants to fuck with me? She is a girl without complexes, and would ask immediately.
Just wanted a variety? And the second topic is Lana.
What does she want from me? I was frightened by my dream and the words of Shurochka about barely alive.
What I experienced in a dream, in reality did not want to! The third theme is a permanent girl.
I lived alone.
I wanted a relationship.
Not simple, but as I used to: with running naked, handjob, strapon and sperm.
On this phrase, I met Julia.
My classmate Julia.
Julia, who forced to get out naked in the classroom and lick cum from boots! – Hello! – Hello! – I did not expect to see you! – I, too.
– You know, seeing you, I somehow remembered how you cleaned naked in the classroom and licked the sperm from my boots! – Did you like it? – Highly.

When you moved away from us, I really missed you.
– Renew relationship? – I would love to, but I go by train.
I’m going to live and work south.
– Will you take me with you? – With pleasure! Wait.
Julia took out a smartphone, climbed onto the Russian Railways site and said: – There are places in my compartment.
You ride? – Yes! – Passport with you? – Yes.
– I buy a ticket and wait for you at the car.
You have about two hours.
On this we parted.
Julia to the station, I run home.
Documents and the most necessary things on the road.
Julia! How I forgot about her.
How she jerked me off! How much sperm are licked off her legs, shoes, boots! I called Shurochka, and she quickly arrived.
I jumped into the car! – Urgently to the station! – Where are you in a hurry? – Shurochka asked, starting off with a slip.
She was a great driver, and we were almost flying.
– I’d like to check out.
I met an old acquaintance, she goes south for permanent residence.

I’m going with her.
– But where exactly? – I dont know.
Everything happened so fast.
Half an hour ago I was not going anywhere.
And now I’m going with the girl to the south.
We stopped at the station.
Shurachka squeezed my balls through jeans and kissed me on the lips.
– Until.
Call if that! – Until.
Julia was waiting for me at the car.
There were two of us in the compartment.
We closed from the inside.
The coupe was very Jaco.
I stripped naked, Julia to panties and T-shirts.
The train started, and I began my story.
I talked for a long time interestingly, my dick got up, and Julia asked me to jerk for her.
I jerked off and told.
She watched.
I finished myself in the palm of your hand, and licked the sperm.
Julia from my story, as I am good in cunnilingus, was excited and asked to lick her.
I took off her panties.
She had a small triangle shaved on her pubic, and her lips were smooth.
I gladly fell to her pussy and brought to orgasm.

While I was finishing the story, Julia masturbated me twice and fucked with a strap-on in the ass.
We went to bed long after midnight.
At bedtime, they kissed for a long time.
Julia in shorts and a T-shirt, I’m naked.
Julia quickly fell asleep, and I was lying on the shelf naked, fucked, with the taste of sperm in my mouth, looked into the darkness and thought: a beautiful girl, a new city, a new round of my life:
Bongacams 2018.