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After enjoying herself, she got up, took a glass and a candle from a sideboard and smiled slyly, sat down and wrote an almost full glass of bright yellow fragrant urine.
I want to watch to see how you drink my urine, and when I sit on you I can not see all the joy of the process in the expression of your face.
Do you like it? Yes, ass licking? And this candle fuck yourself in the ass itself, today I am too lazy to fuck you.
I obeyed and began to drink my favorite drink with genuine delight.
It was her urine was the most saturated and stuffy.

Smeared a candle licked by the mistress, which was very thick, but narrowed towards the end and set it on the floor and began to sit down, at first she didn’t want to go into the unprepared hole of the anus, but rather with a little pain, which after a big mouthful tart female urine was spread by pleasant warmth all over the body, the candle went deep into the bowels of my body.

How nice it was, especially to do in the eyes of the lady, sparkling from what he saw.
I drank this nectar and furiously fucked my ass with a fat candle.
A powerful jet of sperm was not long in coming, this is a mega orgasm, in which I took the last sip and emptied the glass.
How great that I could enjoy this magic drink dosing it on your own.
It was love, so I did not fall in love with anyone.
I worshiped her in those sweet moments when they were attached to vice.
I saw the response passion in her eyes.
Not once, she too, involuntarily broke into a compliment, that she did not feel so good with anyone and at the same time that she had not yet been humiliated before her.
(the tale is cruel, but in the end, as it should be in fairy tales, everything will be fine) Well, I spread my thighs wider! – commanded a male voice: – Shire I said!

Argh! – came a muffled female cry, when the belt with a whistle fell on her crotch, naked like a girl, and burgundy-red from blows, like a delinquent whore.
A woman could not say more, even if she wanted to.
The man was sitting on her face with all his weight, not caring about her comfort.
However, the convenience here and did not smell – it was pressed into the stone slab, and the cold chilled her to the bone.
But she no longer had to worry about such trifles.
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